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Monday, July 28, 2014

Trevor Rossboy we have been busy. we were on exchanges pretty much the entire week. i love exchanges its liek the prime time to witness miracles. and we saw a few. well elder castro one of the missionaries servi

Trevor Rossthis week was really good. it flew by way to fast that is for dang sure. latley things have been way tough here in roswell we find p-eople to teach but then we can never get back in to acatually teach

Trevor Rossit has been a great week full of some amazing miracles. well on the 4th of july i didnt get to see any fireworks but when we got to our apartment for the night we were getting things out o0f the car a

Trevor Rosswell to start things off we have a new mission president. our previous one president wolfert went home on saturday and president benion is here now. i am sad to see president wolfert leave but super p