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Monday, April 20, 2015

holy cow it has been a crazy last few days. I am up I jasper now and I am loving it. its has been super stressful getting to know the area and remember the people. since we are both new it has been starting from ground zero and so we are doing all we can to get things up and running. so we are busy and stressed but we are having so much fun.
we have already met some pretty interesting people. haha I now am a living witness the word redneck.... haha I love it though.
elder cleverly and I have gotten lost only about ten times. our GPS has taken us and our Toyota corolla off roading at least once every single day. needless to say we wake up in the morning with a plan but we never know the adventure we are about to be taken on. I love it
it is so dang beautiful everywhere we go. we are literally in the north Georgia mountains. they are so beautiful and honestly I cant remember what mountains look like anymore so even though these may bee just big hills they are now mountains to me. its great. its like I am out camping every day ahahah.
love yall so much. hope to hear from yall soon. te amo.
Love Elder Trevor Ross

Monday, April 13, 2015

This was a great week. We had the baptism of Chino Zapata and it went so freaking good. The spirit was so strong honestly you could cut it with a knife. He had so much support as well. There was so many people there that every seat was filled and there were people standing around and you couldn’t fit any more people in the room. The room was defiantly maxed out. It was great. Every person that came brought some sort of food too so after the baptism turned into a huge party pretty much. The Hispanics go big or go home no other option. And they defiantly chose to go big for this one. There was probably 50% nonmembers in attendance. It was so good. I decided that I get way too stressed out with big groups to ever become a caterer or someone who organizes big social events. Ha-ha too much for me to handle on a regular basis. Totally worth it though for this instance. 


We had a cool experience out tracting this week. We have been blessed to have many miracles lately while tracting. First things first do you know where Burma is??

We were out tracting and knocked on this door and the only thing we said was “we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ" and this family who’s door we knocked on let us right in. they pulled the door open and almost pulled us in to their home. They then called all three of their children and then the whole family sat on the ground in front of us as we taught them the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were so involved in the lesson and each of them sat and listened. We gave their family two books of Mormon and they were really excited to read it. But they didn’t just sit and watch us they would ask us questions and then they would bare their testimonies to us at certain points for example the Holy Ghost they knew that the lord speaks through his spirit and that they could know the truth of what we said through the spirit and prayer. It was a different experience for me but so great. Defiantly a miracle. 


We got transfer calls today and I found out that I am getting transferred to a new area. My new area is much bigger and the most country you can get in this mission. I am going to be opening this new area. So I am way excited. It will be a fresh start from ground zero. I am getting transferred to the Ellijay branch it is the branch right above where I am serving right now. I have always wanted to get country and I got my wish I guess. It sure will be an new address is:


Elder Trevor Ross

211 Mineral Springs Rd North Unit C

Jasper, GA 30143


I expect many letters. por favor. 


I love you all so much. Thanks for the love and support. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hey family. 


Well after over 40 days of fasting from zaxbys I will be reunited with the wonderful place once again. Today I eat lunch at zaxbys and it will be amazing. 

 What a wonderful week. Specifically conference. It was such a great weekend to hear the prophets and apostles speak and teach us. I absolutely loved every second of it. It was so great. I feel completely spiritually fed. Some of my favorite speakers and talks would be Elder Hollands and President Uchtdorfs on Sunday morning session and I also loved Dale G Renlunds talk in the Saturday afternoon session. There were so many great ones, these are just a few that I really enjoyed. What are some of your favorite ones, ones that really spoke to you?

This week is going to be a great one. Little Chino is getting baptized on Saturday so we are doing all we can to get ready for that. It is so exciting. He has been waiting a long time for this day and now it is finally here. He is so excited for it. Every time we talk about it he gets the biggest smile on his face. He has so much support as well. There are a lot of family members that are not members of the church that are just as excited for him and his baptism. It will be a very great day! 

I was on exchange this last week with and elder in my district. It was really. We had to go pick something up that took up a lot of our day and the way it was looking we were only going to get about an hour to tract and to find new people. So we said a prayer to find out where we needed to be at. we both felt good about this street so we went there and said a prayer when we got there as well asking for the lord to help us be led to the people that we were sent to find, we let him know we did not have a lot of time and we wanted to use the little bit of time the best we could. So we got out of the car walked up to this house on the corner. And this man answered the door and him and his wife let us right in. the first door we knocked on let us right in! It was the bates family. The bates have a 2 year old daughter and a 6 week old boy. They sat and we were able to teach them about the book of Mormon. They haven’t been raised in church but what we taught they said it seemed familiar and they could feel themselves being drawn to it. It was such a good experience. We did not have much time but we went after the lord’s guidance and he used us as instruments in his hands. Prayer is real. It is a two way conversation with our heavenly father. We can pray and speak to our heavenly father and he will communicate back to us. We are not alone and we need not ever think or believe we are. Take some time each day and have a conversation with your heavenly father who loves and cares about you so dearly. You will feel his love and know he is there. 

 I love yall so much have a great week. Remember who you are. Children of god with divine potential. 


Love Elder Trevor Ross