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Monday, November 24, 2014

well the time in roswell has been great. but its time to have me go the way of the mission and move on. i am getting transferred this week. as always so sad to say goodbye to all the friends i have come love so much. but as alwasy i am way excited for what lies in store for me. i am gettign transferred to the hickory flat ward. i am way excited i have heard wonderful things about that ward. my new companion is elder fox he is still a new missionary he has only been out 3 months so it will be a fun time of good hard work. i am pretty excited. 

this last week we had the ward halloween party and it was way fun. we went as harry potter and draco malfoy. needless too say we were a hit. it was pretty fun. it was so cool because one of our investigators neicy was able to come to the party and the ward welcomed her so well. they made her feel so wanted and loved and i dont think she felt too awkward and out of place. which was a worry for us. but one of the members took her right when she showed up and took her around and introduced her to everyone and got her food. it was great. she loved it. 

i love you all. 

my new address is:

Elder Trevor Ross
3032 Harbor Creek Pkwy
Canton, GA 30115

ps..i love to get mail........(cough..cough...)

Love Elder Trevor Ross

I hope yall have some good plans for thanksgiving. its a great time of the year. especially to really see all the wonderful things that we have been blessed with and can be greatfull for. with this week being thanksgiving its a good time to reflect. so i want to extend an opportunity for all yall. this week make it a point in all your prayers to express all your thanks, by not asking for anything for an entire week but only giving prayers of thanks. this is a cool experience. ive done it and it is really cool. we are able to see how much we truly have been blessed with. we see all that our loving heavenly father has given us, and in turn we are able to feel his love more in our lives. we recognize more and more each day the things that he does for us and all the happiness that he brings into our lives. we are able to see he is there and he does know each and everyone of us. its a wonderful thing to do and i hope yall try it and feel the love.

so this week we went and met with our investigator Richard. he is way nice old man who has been reading the book of Mormon and gainng a testimony of it pretty uick so we went over to his house and was having a very powerful lesson on baptism and were just about to extend the invitation to him to be baptized and literally seconds before we were going to invite him his daughter in law walked in and she just came out and was asking us what was the difference between our church and hers. and so we told her about the book of Mormon and prophets and authority. and she slowly got super interested. then she kept asking questions and each question she asked would lead us into the next part of the restoration message. until we had taught her the entire restoration without even knowing. and she gladly accepted a book of Mormon and now we are teaching both Richard and his daughter in law Ashley and they are coming to church next week. such a miracle!!
elder fox and i thought that she was going to bash and ruin the spirit that was in the room but it ended up being a great thing.

so we get to play in the turkey bowl that the ward is having on thanksgiving day. that should be a blast. i better come ready to play because i have called out a couple youngmen in the ward and i told them if my team wins then they have to come out and go tracting with us. luckily if i lose there is nothing i have to do. but it would be way fun to take them out tracting with us. lets just say we are not going to lose.

love you all hope you have a great week. And have a happy thanksgiving.

love Elder Trevor Ross

Monday, October 20, 2014

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Trevor Rosswell my loved ones. first thing first the mission has told us that they are no longer forwarding our mail so they told us to tell our families and friends to send our mail to our apartments now, so my

Monday, August 4, 2014

Trevor Rossthings are going great as always but how could they not be when you are serving the lord. i was reading this week in the book of mormon and i was reading about charity and i was thinking that that sho

Monday, July 28, 2014

Trevor Rossboy we have been busy. we were on exchanges pretty much the entire week. i love exchanges its liek the prime time to witness miracles. and we saw a few. well elder castro one of the missionaries servi

Trevor Rossthis week was really good. it flew by way to fast that is for dang sure. latley things have been way tough here in roswell we find p-eople to teach but then we can never get back in to acatually teach

Trevor Rossit has been a great week full of some amazing miracles. well on the 4th of july i didnt get to see any fireworks but when we got to our apartment for the night we were getting things out o0f the car a

Trevor Rosswell to start things off we have a new mission president. our previous one president wolfert went home on saturday and president benion is here now. i am sad to see president wolfert leave but super p

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello Everybody! 


What a fantastic week. This week we met with our investigator shilaunah so cool! And we are so happy she is getting baptized this Saturday. she came to church this last week and one of the members came up to her and asked her if she believed these things were true and was giving her a sort of lecture about finding out for herself and she looked him in the eyes and with kind of an attitude said sir i know these things are true! Made my day to hear her say that she really does have a strong testimony and has come so far. She has quit coffee and smoking and so many other things all in the choice to follow Christ. She told us this week she know s what she is doing is good because she can feel Satan trying to work his ways on her closer she gets to baptism the harder he tries. Key word "tries" because she will not let him win. It’s awesome to see how strong she has become. So happy!


I got to go on exchange with one of the zone leaders this week. And wow! He is a stud. Way cool guy and so dang good at teaching and talking to people loved being able to learn from him. 


It was way cool we were out tracting when we were on exchanges and we knocked into this family that was from panama and they were so dang interested in what we had to say it was just awesome. there was a little bit of a language barrier so we told them about the Spanish elders and she was so excited like so happy and wanted to make sure that they would know where she lived and we were trying to schedule a time for them to come back and she was just like we will just come to church and meet them and then there won’t be a problem. So she just invited herself to church and it was awesome to see how excited she was to come to church and to be able to hear the message of the restored gospel. So even though we are not going to be teaching her i am way excited to see what happens and will definitely be keeping up with the Spanish elders as to how she is doing. 


Next week are transfers and that means that i am most likely getting transferred so sad to see this place leave but so excited to see what lies in store for me. Can’t wait to tear it up somewhere else and to make my presence known somewhere else in Georgia. 


I am so fetching pumped to be able to talk to my family on Sunday looking forward to that. Happy mother’s day to everyone! I love you all have a wonderful week. Be safe and remember who you are. Share with someone what makes you happy. Help make someone’s day this week. 

Love you all. 


Love Elder Trevor Ross


I love the billboard sign things outside of all the churches. Every time i see one i like i stop and take a picture. 

Hey all,


What a great week as usual. A week in the service of the lord is always a good one. If hope all had a good Easter yesterday. It was a great day for us as well the ward made us really feels loved and there were a lot of families that had us over and really made us feel like family. It’s a great day to be with family and remember the wonderful thing that the savior has done for us and made possible for us. What is even better is that we don’t have to just remember that or celebrate it on that one day we can take it each and every day and celebrate every single day of our savior Jesus Christ. 


I went on exchange with the Spanish elders this last week and that was way fun. I got to go and teach me some Spanish. Ha-ha yeah i don’t speak Spanish at all. And i learned that even more so on that exchange. I learned how to say "hi how are you?" and "we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. do you have a faith in Jesus Christ?" so i would go up and say that and then i would literally take a step back and point at the Spanish missionary and he would take over and i would be lost as to what was going on. Ha-ha it was way fun i loved it except for the fact that i got told that i was the whitest person they had ever seen. I got told that a couple times and that hit my heart deep. Almost cried. We were literally tracting in the hood too. Like that is what the road was named. Ha-ha


We had met with this family that actually requested us from last week. and we had another appointment this week so we went and met with them this week and we had a plan as to what we were going to teach them and the entire day elder Bartholomew and i were talking about alma 32 and i couldn’t get it out of my mind and so we go to this lesson that night and we start talking with her and her family and she starts asking about faith and what it is and how she can strengthen it and so we flipped up to alma 32 since that is exactly what that chapter is on and were able to answer all her questions and it went so well. the last time we were there her husband was there just in the background doing something else and not really interested and we taught the restoration and i guess he was listening because when we came back this last week he was there on the couch and participating and even read with us and was way excited to have us there. and they have this 9 year old kid who refuses to read out loud because he can barely read and starts to stutter way bad when he reads but we didn’t know so we asked him to read a verse and he read it perfectly clearly and without stuttering and his parents were freaking out and so happy. They almost didn’t believe it. It was so cool to see so many miracles happen in such a short time throughout that day. The lord is there and he is working miracles in each of us every day. 


Well. I love you all!! Stay classy. Be safe. 

His Grace is Sufficient for all.


Love Elder Trevor Ross

We would work so hard and plan out each day this last week. We would take a lot of time each night to plan so we knew exactly what we would be doing for the next day. We did this every night. And then we would get up each morning ready to put out plans into action and then we would get a phone call or a text and it would be someone calling us for help with something or another and it would totally ruin our plans. So needless to say I and elder Bartholomew had a good experience this week with following the spirit and relying on it to guide as to what we should do. We became professional on the spot planners. With all that we did have a great week. 


Our investigator and her whole family came to church yesterday. It was really exciting for us. I was so nervous though. I was terrified something was going to go wrong or someone was going to say something crazy, but everything went well for the most part. We took her into gospel principles after sacrament meeting and that is when we just put it in the lord’s hands because i was terrified the lesson was on the law of chastity we have planned to actually teach that tonight and so we didn’t know how she was going to react to it. And so after we asked her how she liked it and what she thought. She said that she had no problem with it and so really there was nothing to worry about. She really enjoyed herself and her husband who is already a member really liked being able to come back to church and i think he especially enjoyed having a wife and child there with him at church. 


The pollen here is insane. Since all the trees are starting to bloom the pollen has been falling and it literally looks like yellow rain all of the cars have this coat of yellow pollen on them and all the roads as well. I guess they usually classify it as a high pollen count if it gets into the hundreds and the pollen count for this last week was about 4500 each day. Our bike tires have this yellow strip on them the entire time and when we get home at night our pants have this yellow tint to them. Like nothing i have ever seen. But we just h

ad a nice good rainstorm come in today so that should clear al of of it away. 


I found my road to tract this week. It’s literally named after me. Ross rd. i was joking with everyone that answered the door that i owned the road. It was fun but it was a pretty sketchy rd. 


Well i found a steal in the thrift store today. Was just walking around and found me some beautiful purple alligator skinned dress shoes, i couldn’t pass them up. 


I love you all so much thank you for everything. Be safe.