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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It was a great week this week.

Well right now the past few days it has been raining and it got way cold so everyone thought that it was going to snow so like half of the town of canton is shut down and it looks like a ghost town. It’s pretty crazy. Unfortunately because of that the library is closed and it forces 4 elders to email from this one computer so I am trying to hurry to give everyone a good amount of time to email their families.


This week has been pretty interesting. We had stake conference and it was absolutely amazing. The stake president in the Marietta east stake is a beast. When he speaks he makes you want to jump up and scream hallelujah. He gave a talk on how Christ is the high priest of good things to come. I absolutely loved it. I knew that what he was saying was true. No matter what we are going through. We can always turn to our savior who has literally walked in our shoes and he will give us the peace that we need and the assurance that there are good things to come our way. That is absolute truth. If you’re going through hell keep on going, there are good things to come.


We had this sweet experience we were following up with some people that had talked to missionaries like 6 months ago and when we got to their house they welcomed us in pretty easy. And we were able to teach them the first lesson and they took a book of Mormon and agreed to read. Also the son of the family agreed to be baptized. It was a way cool lesson out of nowhere. I don’t know if we even thought that they would answer or not. But they did and we were able to follow the spirit and help them out. It was great.


I love you all so much. Have a great week.


Love Elder Trevor Ross

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hello everybody!


Well I love you all!!


This week was an interesting. Well to start out Elder Butler and I were riding our bikes out of our apartment complex to go tracting and I guess Elder Butler didn't want to go tracting because he crashed his bike into a parked car and it was a pretty gnarly wreck. So when he got up he was in a lot of pain. So we ended up spending the next few hours and come to find out after some X-Rays that Elder Butler, bless his heart, dislocated his shoulder and sprained his wrist. So needless to say Elder Butler cannot ride a bike anymore so we got to go down to the mission office and get a car as well. So we are driving around in a car these days. So now we see Elder Butlers real intentions he was just sick of riding the bike and wanted a car at all costs. Ha-ha even though he tells everyone that asks about his arm because he is in a sling. Anyway he tells everyone that I pushed him down the stairs. Ha-ha


We had this awesome experience with this older man this week. We were out tracting and this guy let us in. he is 91 years old and started telling us old war stories. It was extremely cool, his stories were amazing. Of course he brought up politics and how bad he sees the country is getting and then he started to cry and talk about his friends he watched die and it hit me it was a strong moment but then he said some things that I will never forget. He talked about how all the stories he had told us "all the amazing things that happened were because this country was founded on god and the only reason we won the war is because we had the Almighty on our side. When you have him on your side you will never lose a battle that's worth fighting." the whole time he is sobbing and you could tell how serious he was and how really true it is. The spirit was absolutely amazing in that moment. it reminded me of the story in the book of Mormon when they are fighting wars and they are righteous and have the lord with them they are able to win the battles even if they have less people. But when they don’t have the lord with them they don’t win even if they have the same amount of people as their enemies. Always have the lord on your side. Live in such a way that others can see his light shine through you.


I love you all so much. Really hope you each have a great week. Remember that god loves each of you and wants to hear from you! When there is nowhere else to go then go to your knees.


Love Elder Trevor Ross


Monday, February 2, 2015

Hello everybody!


What a great week. Being a missionary is probably the best thing ever.

This week we got to do a lot of finding. We are really trying to increase our teaching pool and so we did a lil bit of tracting. We tracted for like 4 and half hours one day. That ha-ha it really was though I was reminded of the scripture Mosiah 24:14-15 which has become my motto. It talks about how the lord makes the burdens on our backs feel light so even we can’t feel it. It was cool because no one answered for the first 4 hours Hahaha but its wasn't bad at all. And the last half hour right before we went to dinner everyone opened the doors and were so willing to talk to us. They were really interested. It was sweet to see how we were blessed to find people as we were diligent and patient and just did all we could and left the rest to the lord.

So there is this missionary out here who has a scholarship to go and play quarterback for Boise state. His kind of good by kind of I mean he’s really good. We played football last week though and I was quarter back for my team and he was the opposing quarter back and my team walked all over him. So pretty much I realized that I can play college football as a quarterback now. So that's the only game plan I just need to get a highlight real to send out to people. Ha-ha jk

We had some big dogs from salt lake come to our mission this week and so a bunch of us were able to go and be trained by them and I was a lucky one that did. It was sweet. They are changing a lot of things in our mission and them and president bennion have talked and are really pushing this mission to greater heights. There were a lot of great things they said I am so grateful for the chance to be a part of this mission and to be a missionary at this time and at all for that matter. It truly is a blessing and a privilege.

This week at church it was extra amazing for me as well. I loved it. The testimonies I heard felt like they were specifically for me. Almost like god was talking to me directly through the mouth of others. this lady got up and bore her testimony about how the devil makes us feel like crap when we make mistakes he makes us feel horrible about it and he makes us think that there is no hope. That we can’t change and become better. And then she said the Holy Ghost, when we make mistakes makes us feel bad as well. We are going to feel the guilt but she said that the Holy Ghost is different because he feels us with the hope of a better future and the knowledge that we can change and become better. It was so true. The devil tries to take away our hope and the spirit gives us the sure knowledge of hope for better things.

Another lady said “every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day" every single day there are tender mercies of the lord. We just need to look and be aware and then we will see many many more than we have before.

I also got to invited to help with a baby blessing and that was so freaking cool. That was the first time I had done that. And it was a great experience.

The church really is true. There is no way I could receive so much happiness that wasn't from god.

I love you all.