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Monday, November 24, 2014

well the time in roswell has been great. but its time to have me go the way of the mission and move on. i am getting transferred this week. as always so sad to say goodbye to all the friends i have come love so much. but as alwasy i am way excited for what lies in store for me. i am gettign transferred to the hickory flat ward. i am way excited i have heard wonderful things about that ward. my new companion is elder fox he is still a new missionary he has only been out 3 months so it will be a fun time of good hard work. i am pretty excited. 

this last week we had the ward halloween party and it was way fun. we went as harry potter and draco malfoy. needless too say we were a hit. it was pretty fun. it was so cool because one of our investigators neicy was able to come to the party and the ward welcomed her so well. they made her feel so wanted and loved and i dont think she felt too awkward and out of place. which was a worry for us. but one of the members took her right when she showed up and took her around and introduced her to everyone and got her food. it was great. she loved it. 

i love you all. 

my new address is:

Elder Trevor Ross
3032 Harbor Creek Pkwy
Canton, GA 30115

ps..i love to get mail........(cough..cough...)

Love Elder Trevor Ross

I hope yall have some good plans for thanksgiving. its a great time of the year. especially to really see all the wonderful things that we have been blessed with and can be greatfull for. with this week being thanksgiving its a good time to reflect. so i want to extend an opportunity for all yall. this week make it a point in all your prayers to express all your thanks, by not asking for anything for an entire week but only giving prayers of thanks. this is a cool experience. ive done it and it is really cool. we are able to see how much we truly have been blessed with. we see all that our loving heavenly father has given us, and in turn we are able to feel his love more in our lives. we recognize more and more each day the things that he does for us and all the happiness that he brings into our lives. we are able to see he is there and he does know each and everyone of us. its a wonderful thing to do and i hope yall try it and feel the love.

so this week we went and met with our investigator Richard. he is way nice old man who has been reading the book of Mormon and gainng a testimony of it pretty uick so we went over to his house and was having a very powerful lesson on baptism and were just about to extend the invitation to him to be baptized and literally seconds before we were going to invite him his daughter in law walked in and she just came out and was asking us what was the difference between our church and hers. and so we told her about the book of Mormon and prophets and authority. and she slowly got super interested. then she kept asking questions and each question she asked would lead us into the next part of the restoration message. until we had taught her the entire restoration without even knowing. and she gladly accepted a book of Mormon and now we are teaching both Richard and his daughter in law Ashley and they are coming to church next week. such a miracle!!
elder fox and i thought that she was going to bash and ruin the spirit that was in the room but it ended up being a great thing.

so we get to play in the turkey bowl that the ward is having on thanksgiving day. that should be a blast. i better come ready to play because i have called out a couple youngmen in the ward and i told them if my team wins then they have to come out and go tracting with us. luckily if i lose there is nothing i have to do. but it would be way fun to take them out tracting with us. lets just say we are not going to lose.

love you all hope you have a great week. And have a happy thanksgiving.

love Elder Trevor Ross