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Monday, November 25, 2013

1st Transfer

I found out this morning that I am going to be transferred on Wednesday to a new area. It’s called the sandy plains ward in the Marietta stake. With my new companion named elder winter. I am very excited to meet him and get to see a new area. Since I have been here in the Hamilton mill ward since I have been here it’s going to be way different of time to have a new area because this is all I have known. I am very excited none the less but also I am sad because this ward has become my family and I love them so freaking much it’s really hard to leave them. I was really wanting to spend the holidays here with them so I would know them and feel at home. But I will just have to meet new people and I am sure I will fall in love with them as well. I know the lord doesn’t put us anywhere we are not needed and doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle. So I look forward with open eyes.

Things have really been happ3ening. We have seen all sorts of miracles here in the Hamilton mill ward. we have been doing service for this lady who is going through a really hard time and she is getting ready to put her house on the market and as we have been doing service for her we invited her to church and have been teaching her. Well she came to church and fell in love with it. She said that she could really feel the spirit of the lord in the building. She had ladies from the ward come up and are now like best friends with her. And she can’t wait to come back and now she has wanted to be baptized and so we are starting to work with her and praying for a date for her baptism. It’s very exciting to see things start to pick up.

As well as there was a member in the ward and at his work he always keeps a book of Mormon or the ensign on his desk. And some guy walked by and saw it and picked it up and starting asking questions about it. He started coming to church with this member of the ward and he is so excited about the gospel. He is probably the most prepared guy I have ever met. He has a baptismal date for December 8 but he is progressing so fast that they are moving it up to this Saturday. And he could not be happier. It’s great. And he is hoping to baptize his family in the future.

I hope this thanksgiving is a wonderful time for you all I would love to hear from you all. Have a wonderful thanksgiving. I love you!

Love Trevor!

Monday, November 11, 2013


This week has been so amazing and definitely life changing for me. I had a couple great experiences happen and will always cherish and never forget them.

First while we were tracting this week we came across this girl and she really disagreed with us she had a lot of "anti" things to say and I was really nervous me and elder bonin were really stumbling over our words and didn’t know what to say to this lady. We were nice to her and she was for the most part very nice to us but she had us twisted and we left her house feeling very bad about everything. While walking to the next house we were discussing what happened and what we could’ve done better. And it hit me why didn’t we just bear our testimony. I get very scared to bear my testimony because I always think what are they going to say back after or if I am going to offend someone. I just get nervous and end up talking myself out of doing it. But while walking I realized. I KNOW these things are true and nothing else really matters. I don’t need to be scared of what anyone else will say or think because what I know to be true is better than anything they can throw at me. It was great to finally have that click in my mind. As we came to the next house. A guy answered the door and began to do the same thing as the lady before if not even worse. He called us a cult and things but simply we talked with him for a bit and then we bore our testimonies to him and the spirit was so strong I know I could feel it and elder bonin could feel it as well and we both really felt so much better about that experience. We learned to always bear your testimony, and to defiantly just have confidence in yourself and what you stand for.

also just like our apostles have said tract the same places talk to the same people because they might not be ready now but they will be ready in the future. we were walking down the street and there are these sign wavers all along the sidewalks and we have talked to them plenty of times before so we just walked by this one guy and said hello but kept walking and then we were headed back towards our apartment and that same guy asked if he could ask us a question. We said of course. He asked what ward we were in and he said that he was a member just hadn’t been in a long time. He said that the missionaries usually talk to him and he wanted to know why we didn’t. I said that I have talked to him 3 or 4 times before this and he really wasn’t that sociable with me. He said that he had remembered but then he went on to say that he is trying to get back to coming to church and he would like our help. We loved to hear this. We are meeting with him. And we invite him to church he has work so he has gotten it off to come to church. It just goes to show that there is a time for everyone. And his time had come after many times of coming in contact with him. He was finally ready to come, and join with us.

Also since I have been here in Hamilton mill we have gone to this lady in the ward charity Willis and have tried so many times to get her to come to church. She has a very strong testimony she just blames not coming on the fact that she is too lazy. Well after trying and trying so hard and inviting her to come, yesterday SHE CAME to church. And it was such an amazing day! I almost jumped up and started running around the chapel luckily I kept myself somewhat calm. That’s what I imagine the feeling is of getting a baptism.

Last night we had dinner at our ward mission leader’s house. He was trying to find people for us to teach. So he called some of his nonmember friends and invited them over for cookies and milk and to talk about the good word of god. When they came over we were able to teach them the restoration and they absolutely loved it. They took the book of Mormon with the high hopes that it could help them grow closer to their savior. They really felt the spirit and knew that we were representatives of Jesus Christ. At first I was so nervous once again. I didn’t know how they were going to take it and I was just all around nervous. Then we got to the first vision and as I said the first vision the spirit just took over and I was no longer scared at all. I was totally confident and better yet I knew they needed it and knew that it could help them and when you are doing all you can to help others there is no worry in mind. When you truly gain that love for others you’ll do all you can to make them happy and give them all you have that makes you happy.

I love you all!!!

Love Elder Ross


Monday, November 4, 2013

Yes I can Sing!!

This week has been very long indeed. I am looking forward to zone conference tomorrow.


Yesterday was fast Sunday, after church around 4 we were walking around tracting this neighborhood. We both were very hungry and tired. As we were walking down this street we had decided to do two more houses and then turn back towards our bikes.   We knocked on these last two houses. And the last house we knocked at a guy came out. He seemed really interested in what we had to say, then he asks us the most ideal questions:

            Where did we come from?

            Why are we here?

            What happens after death?

It was wonderful, we were able to tell him we could answer all those questions and he got so excited. We talked a little bit with him, and he wanted us to come back and explain more so we agreed we would. He asked us where our church was located and as we told him where it was, he gladly said with a smile on his face, great I will be there next Sunday. It was so great. After that meeting we both were no longer tired or hungry, we were filled with this crazy energy. It was amazing.

Also this last Sunday the missionaries were asked to sing the prelude hymn for sacrament meeting. I was absolutely terrified. I don’t sing in front of people. Unless the stero can drowned out my voice. So I was terrified. I was singing my companion was playing the flute and one of the sisters sang with me and the other sister played the piano. The sister that sang with me is from Tonga she is way cool but somehow she convinced me to sing the first verse with her in Tongan!!! I don’t know how or why I agreed to it. And then I had to sing the second verse by myself! It was brutal. But we survived and I guess it didn’t sound too bad. I was just so nervous about it that I was shaking like crazy and felt like I was going to fall over.

When I first came into the mission my bike was broken. I took it in to get it fixed and the guy gave me a great deal, he really hooked me up. I took my tire in to get fixed this last week, and he was there again, and he gave me an amazing deal yet again. It was so amazing.  I got talking to him, he had just got back from mountain bike trip to Utah. I was talking to him about that and he told me he visited his dad who lives in Utah and who is a member of the church. He was raised in the church. He told us that he was on the path to go on a mission then some things happened and he ended up moving out here. But he’s a member!! I thought to myself this is why my bike keeps breaking! I need to talk to this guy. So we got his name and number and invited him to church, he said he had been wanting to go to church, he just didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what time and which church he was supposed to go to! It was pretty sweet.


Thank you for all the letters and support I love you so much!

 Here are some pictures of the leaves changing colors but just remember the picture does not do it justice at all.


Love Trevor!