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Monday, June 29, 2015

Well it has been a great week.
It's almost felt like we have been running around like chickens with
our heads cut off. We have had quite a bit of teaching appointments
all over the place and so it is really keeping us on our toes. We will
have one at one place and then have to get in the car drive 10 miles
and have another one. And then have to go back to the same area we
were in when we started. It's been hectic. Usually we plan a lot
better but this week with everyone's schedule, that is just how it
worked out and it has been hectic.

This week we went into the second stage of the iPads. It's broken into
three stages. The second stage is when we get to learn how to plan out
our days and weeks with it. It's when all of our records that we keep
become digital and they are all on the iPads. So we get the privilege
of going and putting all the old records into the system... I tell you
what I have never had the desire to never use technology again in my
life as I do after dealing with all of this.... Haha but we will git r

One day this week specifically we had a lot of appointments that just
fell through. They had to cancel and reschedule for one reason or
another. And we were getting kind of down, wondering why this was
happening, and then on the phone we got a text it was a referral from We decided that we were going to see if we could be the
fastest ones to respond to the request, so we went to the address they
gave and knocked on the door. Immediately the guy answered and before
we could explain who we were he invited us right in. We saw that we
were interrupting his dinner so we asked if we could come back in an
hour or so and he was way excited to have us come back. When we came
back we sat on his couch and had a very good discussion. I guess
missionaries had knocked on a friends door that he was at on the other
side of the state. He wanted to learn more and had a lot of questions.
We got talking with him and it was crazy to me how much he already
held to be true that was in harmony with what we taught. He already
had a very strong testimony of apostasy and the need for a
restoration. It was insane. Such a big miracle too on the day that we
needed it. We came to figure out that when we went to see him it was
pretty much the only time that he would've been home this whole week.
So if our appointments hadn't have rescheduled we probably never
would've been able to meet him. The lords way are bigger than ours,
that's for sure he knows so much better than us. Follow him and align
our will with his and we will always be on the paths that lead to the
happiness of eternal life.

We had the confirmation of Chris this week and it went great. He feels
100% now. His in it for the long run. I love that guy. He is always
cracking jokes and making us all laugh. That's a real talent let me
tell you.

Love you so dang much!

Monday, June 22, 2015

What a fantastic week serving the lord.
Chris got baptized! We were able to see Chris get baptized this week.
Such a great day! He was so happy and loving every second. He kept
telling me over and over again thank you so much I couldn't be
happier. I am so happy I am so happy. I was like Chris you should be
this is  a great day God has a smile bigger than yours. It was great.
He is so cool and so strong already. His testimony is growing by the
second and he is eating up every bit of knowledge he can get! We had a
few investigators come to his baptism too which was a huge plus. The
spirit is always felt at baptisms and it was defiantly there and they
all seemed to really enjoy! 👍👍

Well the two ladies that elder cleverly and I found while out tracting
last week, We went back to teach them and they were so excited to have
us come back. When we went to see them we had no clue what we were
going to teach so at first it was a little scattered then the spirit
took over 100%. We had the thought come to mind that thy need to know
where they come from and and who they are. So we taught them that they
are children of God, the greatest being ever! And then the thought
came they need to know why they are here so we taught them their
purpose on earth. Then the thought came they need to know where they
want to go after life, and eternal happiness is very much possible for
them. So we taught that they can one day live with that loving
Heavenly Father once again. Then the thought came how do they make it
to live with their Heavenly Father and that is when we began to lay
out the road map that God has given us to make it back to his
presence, we taught them them the gospel of Jesus Christ faith,
repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. And to watch
their eyes get so wide as everything just seemed to click in their
mind was amazing. You could see hope come to them, the hope that there
are good things to come as we follow the gospel of Jesus Christ
happiness is at our fingertips. The spirit was so strong! It pushed
them to want to come to church with us this week and it gave them the
desire to be baptized. They are aiming to be baptized on August 1st.
We went back later in the week and taught them the plan of salvation
and it hit home pretty hard. The spirit was so strong! We took the
relief society president with us and they just hit it off completely.
The plan of salvation was exactly what they needed it gave them so
much hope and peace because they have struggled with the loss of loved
ones and with the big 3 questions where they came from why they are
here and where they are going. It was such a good lesson they are
progressing so well!

Well two Saturday's ago elder cleverly and I went to see a member of
the church and as we walked up to his door this guy was out working on
his van and just said hello to us was very nice.  Then this very last
week we went back to see that same member and that same guy was
outside. This time he said hello but he stopped us and asked us who we
were and starting asking us questions. We ended up teaching him about
the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through Joseph smith and
he was all about it. It was crazy though because the fist Saturday
when we met him he had just got in town maybe 30 minutes before we saw
him. He is originally from Iowa but is here doing a job. So it was
just the perfect time and place to meet him. And he is only here for
so long so we have ,et with him and taught him but he is going to
leave and he as expressed the desire to find the missionaries wherever
he may be at next and talk to them and go to church with them. Huge
mirCke the lord placing us in his path at the perfect time.  No

I am a chef now too. I made me and my companion pulled deer meat BBQ
sandwiches. I put deer meat and a bunch of BBQ sauce in a slow cooker
for 7 hours and when we came back it was so dang good. Therefore I
have become a chef these days. Learning to use a slow cooker best
thing ever!

Monday, June 1, 2015

How is everyone?

This week has been a struggle for the whole mission. As I am sure yall have heard there were two sisters that got in a car accident and one of them lost their life, and her companion is in the hospital in a coma for now with severe brain injuries. It has been really tough on everyone. It’s really sobering to know that anything can happen. Every day were out preaching the gospel and teaching people about the love of god and the hope of good things to come in this life and the life after. And with this incident it’s helped me realize that the things we teach and know to be true are no longer just words but we are actually able to live them and feel the power that they truly hold. The promises that our heavenly father have given are bound and he will stand by his promises. There is hope for all things. Jesus Christ made it all possible for ALL of us and because him death has no sting and eternal life is possible for us all.

Chris is progressing really well. We went over and taught him the plan of salvation this week and it was perfect for us all. He especially loved it. He told us that it just made sense to him and had answered all the confusions he has had in his life. He relates it to a puzzle that he has been trying to complete and he just found all the missing pieces.

There are more dirt roads then there are paved ones. And as we drive around it’s always a bumpy ride. This week we got the pleasure of taking our car through a river that went right through the road, so we gripped the wheel and went for it with the hopes and prayer that we wouldn’t get stuck. To our luck we made it out alive with no scares. On us or the car... ha-ha

I love yall so dang much! Have a fantastic week. I love letters yall! (;

Love Elder Trevor Ross