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Monday, December 23, 2013

This week has been really slow we have been doing great though. I am loving this ward more and more each week. This area has so much potential. We were out tracting this week and came a crossed this guy named ed. he is such a nice guy. At first we were nervous because he is a big burley guy and very intimidating but once we started talking to him we quickly realized that he was a teddy bear. He talked to us for a long time about guns and many things and then he said that he hadn't been to church and would love for us to come and maybe help him find one or strengthen that faith he has already. It was great. We plan on going back.
Also one night we were out walking the streets talking to people walking and this guy from the Atlanta police department stopped and picked us up and gave us a ride home. He was so worried about us. he kept telling us areas that we should never go to because they are so bad I guess and we were very grateful that he saved our legs and feet and helped us get home a lot faster than we would've. When he dropped us off we didn't even have to say anything he just gave us his name and number and address and asked us to come stop by. He willingly wanted us to come. It’s great to see how those people are being prepared and as we are diligent they are just put in our paths or we are put in theirs. There are those looking for truths that they can’t find and we are the jackpot with all they are looking for.
A couple weeks ago we got a referral from his name is Judd. He is so awesome and has an amazing story he has only 12% of his heart left and the doctors said he should've died years ago but he keeps on going. He took that as a sign that the lord is keeping him around for something. He went on to tell us that he has wanted to find ways to strengthen his faith and to live a little better. He knows that he has not lived the best in the past but he also knows that through Jesus Christ he can be forgiven of those past things and be saved. We were very excited to meet him. We were only able to talk to him for a little bit but while we were there before we left we bore our testimonies then we left him Alma 32 to read before we come back the next time. I cannot wait to see what he thinks of it he seemed really excited about reading it.

this last week elder Hansen came on exchange over to sandy plains with me for a day and while he was here we went and were trying to find some people to talk to but we were having no luck it was around 8 at night and no one wanted to hear us. so we were walking around and found some seniors in high school playing basketball and so we stopped and got talking with them and ended up playing a couple games against them (we totally owned them and showed them how to really play ball) anyway after we were done they were really cool with us and we were able to have a discussion with them and got talking with them about prophets and how god has once again called a prophet to the earth. one of the kids were really interested and we are going over there tonight to teach him more the others they were really nice but not to interested yet but if anything we planted that seed that they will never forget.

Thank you so much for all do. I love yall I hope you a have a very merry Christmas.

Love Trevor! Elder Ross

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Things are going so fetching great! We still don’t have any investigators but they will come very very soon if know it! We have been knocking a lot of doors and just waiting to knock on that one door whose life well change FOREVER! ha-ha we had zone meeting this last week my first one in this new zone and holy crap it is a huge zone compared to my last one there are so many missionaries in it. Which in turn made the meeting a whole lot funnier as well.

The ward is wonderful. If am getting to know a lot of the ward so it’s a lot better now. Now if am not just some guy who knows no one. The ward is pretty great there are a lot of interesting people in the ward. Still am getting to know a lot of them though.

To start off probably the highlight of my week has defiantly been in my studies. if was rely wanting a change of something in the way it was feeling about everything so if really focused on studying the Christ like attribute section of preach my gospel if figured Jesus Christ was way happy in everything he did so if studied and acquired some of his traits then if would too become happy in most of what if do. Seemed like a good theory to me. And boy has it helped me. That section really is so amazing. If have truly felt the lords hand more so in my life. If have felt his love and his presence about me. He has lifted me spirit and just made me feel absolutely wonderful almost all the time. if know its because of those attributes they truly are life changing and will help anyone more than they can even imagine if they strive become more Christ like.

So if found out that the high school in my area is where remember the titans was filmed. If was stars truck. That’s like a national monument or something because that is one of the greatest movies of all time. Ha-ha

If also had the wonderful experience of getting my hair cut at a legit old school barber shop this morning. It sure was an experience. There were old guys in there just talking about random things and making jokes it was cool. If was laughing the entire time. they are so funny and if felt like was in a movie like on the movie “RADIO” when they all meet at the barber shop after the football games that is what it reminds me of.

If love you all thank you for all you do. Be safe and happy holidays. This is the most wonderful time of the year. If am still waiting and hoping for the snow hear and maybe just maybe it will come one of these days.

Love Elder Ross



PS.   Wish if could get my camera to work with this computer so if could send some awesome pictures for all but if am not smart enough


If am not exactly sure how if feel about the sandy plains ward yet. It sure is different. This last week things have sure been a struggle. We have no investigators at the moment so mostly all of our efforts are going to finding people to teach so we do a lot of tracting and do all we can to try to motivate the members to find people for us to teach. It is really hard because the ward is not friendly. Most of the ward is very standoffish to us it seems like they really don’t trust us. So if don’t know if something happened but we need to gain that trust with the ward so maybe the work can progress.

We were out tracting this week and we found a couple of potential investigators and were able to set up appointments to go and teach them and their families. It was really exciting to finally have someone to teach. So we did all we could to make sure that the appointments would go through and that we had all the help and materials to make it go great. We went over the lessons and we actually got a team up to go with us which is really hard to get in this ward. So we were really ready and we went to our first appointment and no one answered. So then we had some less active members in the ward that we were going to visit as a backup plan but every single one of them didn’t answer either. So we went to our next appointment and they didn’t answer we tried even more less actives but again no one answered. Finally our last appointment came and we decided we would call to make sure that we were still on and he cancelled. We were devastated. It really was like a shot in the heart everything we had planned and were so excited for had been shot down one at a time. After that if was and still am nervous just because it has taken so much to get a team up and now with that day and how nothing went through it’s just going to be way harder to get a team up again if think. Hopefully that is not the case. Just keep smiling and have the faith that everything will work out and be just fine.

We were able to go to this activity one of the local Methodist churches puts on it’s called a night in Bethlehem. It was really cool and a good experience. What they do is they set up streets to look like a Bethlehem street from biblical times. They have little stores and sales men trying to sell you pottery rope and all sorts of different things. They have roman soldiers walking the streets as well as prophets will walk the streets and preach of a messiah that is to come and then the roman soldiers will beat them up and run them out of the streets. It was really an experience. Then at the end of the streets there was a stable where they performed a live nativity and they had a real baby Jesus and they acted it out and sang songs according to what was happening. It really was a wonderful experience and helped set the tone for the Christmas season. Helped show the real reason for the season.
we had the ward Christmas party this last week which was fun except if am still getting to know people so if was quiet. But they asked each of the auxiliaries to do a skit so as the missionaries we got to do a skit and we did it on how missionaries get ready in the mornings. Elder winter sat on a chair and put a jacket on and if sat behind him and put my arms through the sleeves of the jacket. Then we had to brush his teeth and shave his face (no blade) and then tie a tie. It was so funny. The tooth paste and shaving cream was everywhere it was all over the tie and we made a huge mess. But if hadn’t laughed that hard in the longest time. The ward really enjoyed it to if think. So all in all it was really good.

The weather here has been insane. It’s a constant roller coaster. One day its sunny hot and humid the very next its cold windy and raining. The weather won’t make up its mind. The cold sucks too it is not like any Utah or Idaho cold. This gets deep into the most inner parts of your soul. If swear you can feel it in your bones. It goes right through your body. and while being on a bike it makes things worse so we look like a bunch of replies off the Christmas story riding around on our bikes.

If was able to go and watch the Christmas devotional. It was so great if really liked the last talk given by Russell m nelson. If you haven’t seen it yet go and watch it. Or read it or listen to it. It really is so very great. Helps to remind us what the Christmas time really is for.

If love you all so much! Thank you! Happy holidays. Be safe with all those crazy shoppers.

Love Elder Trevor Ross


Monday, December 2, 2013

Elder Ross is the "BOSS"

This week has been fantastic. Elder winter as you can already tell is awesome. I love him. He is so fun and way hard working. We really have fun and it’s just awesome to be with him. I was really nervous for thanksgiving because of being transferred and not knowing anyone. But it really turned out to be pretty nice. This ward is way friendly and really made me feel somewhat happy so I wasn't just all alone. The sandy plains area and ward is a whole lot different from the Hamilton Mill ward. It’s a nice change. But I sure miss the Hamilton Mills ward so bad!
This week we have been really trying to visit ward members and get to know them. Helping them gain that trust in us. It’s wonderful getting to know the ward. We had the opportunity to go and see a referral we had received from the Spanish Elders in the area. His name is Randy and he’s simply awesome to say the least. We went and talked with him and he was so prepared to hear the message of the restoration. As we taught the restoration he had a smile on his face the entire time. And he loved the message. After we were done sharing the first vision he was like WOW that's cool. He was very happy to know that Jesus visited the Americas as well. He agreed to read and pray about the book of Mormon and he also agreed that if he came to know that the book of Mormon was true and he gained a testimony himself then he would be baptized.
We were invited to come into high priests on Sunday and kind of lead a discussion or discus what they could do to help us out and where the ward and missionaries can begin to work together more. It was really awesome because as we started to discuss some of the things that worry them.  We were able to overcome and help with those and also they were really excited to start doing more team ups with us and actually going out and visiting people with us. So we are gaining more support from the ward which is always a good thing.
I am very excited about being here. This area has so much potential. And I have already learned so much from Elder Winter. It’s great. The days fly by when you’re having fun and the days are flying by right now. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead and I defiantly look forward to it.

So president wolfert has asked all the missionaries to give our actual address to our apartments to everyone for the month of December because with the holidays things get pretty stacked in the mission home so they don't send them out until we meet at the Christmas party or if we go there for another reason. So my address is: Elder Trevor Ross

                                                            1955 Bells Ferry Rd apt#338

                                                            Marietta, GA 30066

So send everything to this one and then I will get it if not then I won’t get it until January. I would really love some mail before then though... hint hint I love mail and things have been pretty dry lately... haha

I love you all hope to hear from you. I pray for you all and love you so much. Thank you for all the love and support!


Love Trevor Elder Ross