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Monday, March 23, 2015

hey family.

I hope this makes sense because I have so much that I want to share with yall but since there is so much on my mind I doubt it will come out how I want it.

what a great week. we had the priviledge to have elder Zwick of the seventy some out and speak to the mission. I was able to hear him speak twice. once he spoke to the ward councils in the the stake I am serving in and he said some great things. he gave us all many different ways in which we can all work together to help bring others unto Christ. using the strengths of the missionaries and the strengeths of the ward councils to get the very best outcome. it was so so good. but my favorite was on Friday we had a zone conference and he came and spoke t just the missionaries. and wow I felt like he was up there talking to me directly. everything he said seemed to hit me right to the heart and I swear was said just for me personally. he shared some very inspirational stories that have never been shared before. some when he was working with president Hinckley, right after he lost his wife. he told us of how president Hinckley was really struggling with the loss and he was traveling through England were he served his mission and he decided that he needed to restart. so he went to the apartment that he lived in on his mission where he had a very inspiring moment as he read a letter from his dad. there he just sat and pondered. leder zwick said that he doesn't know what went on but when president Hinckley came out, he said "I am all better". and he told us that everyone at some point needs a restart, even the president of the church sometimes.  I didn't think that I needed a restart but the rest of the week I tried to imagine myself and do all I could to gain a revamp of missionary work and spirituality. and I have I done so I have gained so much more excitement and energy for all that I do. I didn't realize that I needed it but it has blessed me so much.

honestly elder zwick shared so many things. my mind was and still is running a hundred miles an hour trying to take everything in. I wish yall could have been there. one other thing his wife actually shared. is she talked about the individual in each person. they are who they are for a reason and each person is special. I loved that. then she talked about becoming purified and sanctified. and how if we work on the inside then the outside will follow. meaning as we purify ourselves spiriutually and sanctify our thoughts and intents then our  words, and actions will also become sanctified. starting from the inside and purifying the inside will do miracles in purifying the things that can be seen and noticed from the outside.  

little chino Zapata is doing great. he is loving and progressing towards baptism. we were able to teach him the plan of salvation this week and it went great. we used little pictures and it was great because we would pull out a picture that showed a part of the plan of salvation andthen he would tell us all about it. in essence he taught us the plan of salvation. he is such a smart kid. he amazes me so dang much. he is such a great example to all of his family.

the sun was out and shingin bright and you can tell that summer is right around the corner. haha I am actually looking forward to the humid summer heat. even though I will probably deny saying that in a couple weeks when I am complaining about the humid heat. but we were able to break the bikes out this week which was so nice. its the best. if it was my choice I would be  on bike al the time. I love it.

here are some quotes from Elder Zwick

"don't worry, when you think you cant do it, heavenly father will help you do it."

"when you get close to jesus then jesus gets close to you!"

"I may not have a lot to give, but for my savior I will give my all."

I love you all so dang much. I pray for you. hope you have a blessed day.

Love Elder Trevor Ross

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