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Monday, June 1, 2015

How is everyone?

This week has been a struggle for the whole mission. As I am sure yall have heard there were two sisters that got in a car accident and one of them lost their life, and her companion is in the hospital in a coma for now with severe brain injuries. It has been really tough on everyone. It’s really sobering to know that anything can happen. Every day were out preaching the gospel and teaching people about the love of god and the hope of good things to come in this life and the life after. And with this incident it’s helped me realize that the things we teach and know to be true are no longer just words but we are actually able to live them and feel the power that they truly hold. The promises that our heavenly father have given are bound and he will stand by his promises. There is hope for all things. Jesus Christ made it all possible for ALL of us and because him death has no sting and eternal life is possible for us all.

Chris is progressing really well. We went over and taught him the plan of salvation this week and it was perfect for us all. He especially loved it. He told us that it just made sense to him and had answered all the confusions he has had in his life. He relates it to a puzzle that he has been trying to complete and he just found all the missing pieces.

There are more dirt roads then there are paved ones. And as we drive around it’s always a bumpy ride. This week we got the pleasure of taking our car through a river that went right through the road, so we gripped the wheel and went for it with the hopes and prayer that we wouldn’t get stuck. To our luck we made it out alive with no scares. On us or the car... ha-ha

I love yall so dang much! Have a fantastic week. I love letters yall! (;

Love Elder Trevor Ross