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Monday, September 16, 2013

Life is Good!

This week was just wonderful. On Tuesday, We were able to go on exchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Thomas came over to the Hamilton Mill area with me. In simple terms he blew my mind. He is an amazing missionary. He taught me so much in such a short time. I though my mind was going to explode. I really didn’t want him to leave when the time came because I felt that he had so much that I could use and I just wanted to get what he had. He is a great missionary. We stayed so busy that day and it was such a great feeling. We were going to check on this recent convert who hadn’t came to church in a long time. When we got his house no one answered the door so we then decided that we would go tracing around the neighborhood. the first house we came to this young adult man answered the door and he said that he would like to learn about Jesus and wanted to call us and schedule a time to come back so that was great and before we left his house we asked him if he knew anyone else in the neighborhood that could use our message or is in a time of need. He pointed out two houses and told us a little bit of what each of them were going through. So we then went to the two houses the first was a young lady and her family. They had been going through a rough time and were interested in hearing our message so we talked and decided to come back after our dinner later that night when her mom would be home.
Next we went to the other house that the gentleman had pointed out to us. It was a young man about 18 years of age. He was very interested and had a lot of questions for us. So he invited us in and began asking and wondering. So he said flat out to us that he had been raised Presbyterian his whole life but if what we had to say was true and this really is the true church then he wanted the truth. He didn’t want to be living a lie anymore. So he was going to keep an open mind about everything. And wanted us to come back again. He took a book of Mormon and even said the prayer before we left. And he has been reading and praying about it.
Then we went to our dinner. At dinner we asked the member we ate with if he would like to come with us to this investigators house which he excitedly agreed to. We went and taught a lot to them and they all wanted us to come back this Tuesday. But being able to see the member come and him actually testify of everything we were saying was so great. You could tell that they were more receptive to the members testimony than they would’ve been to just ours. Members are so great. And they offer so much more to investigator. I know that if he wasn’t there the meeting would’ve been totally different. And would not have been in anyway as effective as it was. It was such a great day that day. Plus we got to ride our bikes so much that day. Which I loved so that’s always a plus.

On Saturday it was Elder Barrettes birthday and so it seemed like every single member in the entire ward wanted to feed us so we went from house to house and the members fed us all day it was crazy. I never have been so full of food in my entire life. I was about to explode I swear. Not a good time that day. The members are so great though. We helped this member stain his fence that day as well it was good to do some service. But the funny thing was this guy that we helped he looks exactly like Edward Cullen. Not even joking and so crazy he kept saying things from twilight and making us all laugh. He was hilarious. It was way fun. Made doing service a blast which it always is though.... right?

I got to have an interview with the mission president this week as well and that was so great. He is such a nice guy and shows so much love to every single missionary out here. It was great to be able to sit down with him and have a one on one conversation with him.

Everyone I meet always asked me about my family and then I go off on a rant on how amazing my family is so all better feel special. Amah I sure do love you all and hope everything is going great. Keep writing letters it is so great to get letter in the mail. And hearing from people just makes my day. I love you so much!



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