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Monday, November 4, 2013

Yes I can Sing!!

This week has been very long indeed. I am looking forward to zone conference tomorrow.


Yesterday was fast Sunday, after church around 4 we were walking around tracting this neighborhood. We both were very hungry and tired. As we were walking down this street we had decided to do two more houses and then turn back towards our bikes.   We knocked on these last two houses. And the last house we knocked at a guy came out. He seemed really interested in what we had to say, then he asks us the most ideal questions:

            Where did we come from?

            Why are we here?

            What happens after death?

It was wonderful, we were able to tell him we could answer all those questions and he got so excited. We talked a little bit with him, and he wanted us to come back and explain more so we agreed we would. He asked us where our church was located and as we told him where it was, he gladly said with a smile on his face, great I will be there next Sunday. It was so great. After that meeting we both were no longer tired or hungry, we were filled with this crazy energy. It was amazing.

Also this last Sunday the missionaries were asked to sing the prelude hymn for sacrament meeting. I was absolutely terrified. I don’t sing in front of people. Unless the stero can drowned out my voice. So I was terrified. I was singing my companion was playing the flute and one of the sisters sang with me and the other sister played the piano. The sister that sang with me is from Tonga she is way cool but somehow she convinced me to sing the first verse with her in Tongan!!! I don’t know how or why I agreed to it. And then I had to sing the second verse by myself! It was brutal. But we survived and I guess it didn’t sound too bad. I was just so nervous about it that I was shaking like crazy and felt like I was going to fall over.

When I first came into the mission my bike was broken. I took it in to get it fixed and the guy gave me a great deal, he really hooked me up. I took my tire in to get fixed this last week, and he was there again, and he gave me an amazing deal yet again. It was so amazing.  I got talking to him, he had just got back from mountain bike trip to Utah. I was talking to him about that and he told me he visited his dad who lives in Utah and who is a member of the church. He was raised in the church. He told us that he was on the path to go on a mission then some things happened and he ended up moving out here. But he’s a member!! I thought to myself this is why my bike keeps breaking! I need to talk to this guy. So we got his name and number and invited him to church, he said he had been wanting to go to church, he just didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what time and which church he was supposed to go to! It was pretty sweet.


Thank you for all the letters and support I love you so much!

 Here are some pictures of the leaves changing colors but just remember the picture does not do it justice at all.


Love Trevor!


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