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Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello Everybody! 


What a fantastic week. This week we met with our investigator shilaunah so cool! And we are so happy she is getting baptized this Saturday. she came to church this last week and one of the members came up to her and asked her if she believed these things were true and was giving her a sort of lecture about finding out for herself and she looked him in the eyes and with kind of an attitude said sir i know these things are true! Made my day to hear her say that she really does have a strong testimony and has come so far. She has quit coffee and smoking and so many other things all in the choice to follow Christ. She told us this week she know s what she is doing is good because she can feel Satan trying to work his ways on her closer she gets to baptism the harder he tries. Key word "tries" because she will not let him win. It’s awesome to see how strong she has become. So happy!


I got to go on exchange with one of the zone leaders this week. And wow! He is a stud. Way cool guy and so dang good at teaching and talking to people loved being able to learn from him. 


It was way cool we were out tracting when we were on exchanges and we knocked into this family that was from panama and they were so dang interested in what we had to say it was just awesome. there was a little bit of a language barrier so we told them about the Spanish elders and she was so excited like so happy and wanted to make sure that they would know where she lived and we were trying to schedule a time for them to come back and she was just like we will just come to church and meet them and then there won’t be a problem. So she just invited herself to church and it was awesome to see how excited she was to come to church and to be able to hear the message of the restored gospel. So even though we are not going to be teaching her i am way excited to see what happens and will definitely be keeping up with the Spanish elders as to how she is doing. 


Next week are transfers and that means that i am most likely getting transferred so sad to see this place leave but so excited to see what lies in store for me. Can’t wait to tear it up somewhere else and to make my presence known somewhere else in Georgia. 


I am so fetching pumped to be able to talk to my family on Sunday looking forward to that. Happy mother’s day to everyone! I love you all have a wonderful week. Be safe and remember who you are. Share with someone what makes you happy. Help make someone’s day this week. 

Love you all. 


Love Elder Trevor Ross


I love the billboard sign things outside of all the churches. Every time i see one i like i stop and take a picture. 

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