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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Man oh Man the days are flying by. We got down to business this week.


We had been trying to meet with this part member family in the ward for like months and finally we got in with them this week. It was so awesome because the wife is not a member and she is so interested. When we first knocked on their door a month or so ago she answered and talked with us. And this week she told us that the night before that happened that she had prayed to god asking for guidance as to how she could get back into going to a church and what church she needed to be going to. When we met with her she had already been reading the book of Mormon and had been watching a TV show about joseph smith that is on but I guess. but she is so prepared and so ready. It’s great. I have met with them twice and I love them like my own family.


It got way warm this week, the sun came out to say hello to us and it brought its friend warm weather. If am so glad to it is about time. Yesterday it was so nice that there is near to nothing that could’ve wiped the smile off of my face. I love the warm weather and riding my bike in it just feels so good.


We have been meeting with this guy named Julius that a member in our ward actually brought him to us. He is such a great guy another one of them that if love so much. We taught him the plan of salvation this week and the spirit was so strong. You could just see it make sense and you see the spirit testify to him that it was true and this pure happiness come over him.


Elder Quintin L. Cook came and spoke to our mission and the Atlanta mission on Saturday that was a really cool experience to have. He had Elder parker who is area 70 over some of Georgia and he spoke as well. And this guy was awesome. has this big black guy that spoke with so much enthusiasm and energy that I just wanted to stand up and scream HALELUJIAH!! he got me so pumped up and what he said was really good. he gave us a lot of things to do to work more with members to help our investigators. Elder Cook was amazing as well. he talked about the process of assigning missionaries to their missions and that each of us are exactly where we are supossed to be. he talked as well about faith. and how important it is. he told us that we needed to strengthen our faith and that if we aimed and did what we could to strengthen our faith and put our trust in god that we would be able to witness miracles and be able to see our faith become stronger and stronger. and we would see the holy ghost workwith those we are teaching even more prominatley. so cool.


I love you all so much thank you for the support. be safe.


Be Yourself And Tell the Truth.


Love Elder Ross


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