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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hola La famillia!


Things have been great here in the sandy plains ward. We have been getting down to business and really meeting a lot of solid people.


Last week I had said that we got into a bash well we actually had another appointment with these young gentlemen and it went so much better. We set a good foundation for the meeting and we taught them the plan of salvation. They ate it up. They had already believed some of what we said but some things like the spirit world and the three kingdoms of glory they hadn’t heard of but they really loved what we had to say about it. It was amazing as we talked with them and testified about it you could really see the spirit testify to them that the words we spoke were true way cool experience.


We met this cool old guy tracting late at night and he wasn’t too interested but he said some things that really touched my life forever I won’t ever forget. He said to us there are two rules he lives his life by and if we follow these two simple rules then all else will be good. And then he told us the rules were Be yourself and tell the truth. It was so simple yet so powerful to me.


sorry not too much time this week but in love you all so very much thank you be safe.


Be yourself and tell the truth.


Love elder Ross


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