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Monday, January 12, 2015

Well it is now settled I have an extreme addiction to zaxbys. I cannot stop eating there its so dang good and it calls my name whenever I am hungry. I have even began to dream about it. I think I need to talk to my bishop..... Ahhaaha


This week we had a super cool experience. We were out tracting yesterday in fact. We only had a short time before we had to be somewhere. So we prayed to tract this street the night before, and we showed up to tract it. There were only a few house at the beginning of the road and none of them answered. then it turned into a bunch of empty housing plots but we could see roof tops over the trees so we walked to the end of the road and there was this random few houses at the very end so we began knocking. The first house we knocked on this guy Chris came to the door. We told him we were missionaries sent here from god to share a message with him that would change his life. He was freaked out and began to tell us about how many trials he was going through. He asked us to come back on Wednesday and made sure we had his number and then he asked us what time and where our church was. And then he said that he will go to church with us next week. We were not expecting it and it was so great to witness such and amazing miracle. Chris kept saying this is weird that I am going through all of this and then you knock on my door it is so weird. Way cool for us though.



Watch this video and apply it in your own lives. It is amazing! What will you give? And how will you embark?


I love you all so much! Hope all is well.


Love Elder Trevor Ross

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