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Monday, April 13, 2015

This was a great week. We had the baptism of Chino Zapata and it went so freaking good. The spirit was so strong honestly you could cut it with a knife. He had so much support as well. There was so many people there that every seat was filled and there were people standing around and you couldn’t fit any more people in the room. The room was defiantly maxed out. It was great. Every person that came brought some sort of food too so after the baptism turned into a huge party pretty much. The Hispanics go big or go home no other option. And they defiantly chose to go big for this one. There was probably 50% nonmembers in attendance. It was so good. I decided that I get way too stressed out with big groups to ever become a caterer or someone who organizes big social events. Ha-ha too much for me to handle on a regular basis. Totally worth it though for this instance. 


We had a cool experience out tracting this week. We have been blessed to have many miracles lately while tracting. First things first do you know where Burma is??

We were out tracting and knocked on this door and the only thing we said was “we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ" and this family who’s door we knocked on let us right in. they pulled the door open and almost pulled us in to their home. They then called all three of their children and then the whole family sat on the ground in front of us as we taught them the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They were so involved in the lesson and each of them sat and listened. We gave their family two books of Mormon and they were really excited to read it. But they didn’t just sit and watch us they would ask us questions and then they would bare their testimonies to us at certain points for example the Holy Ghost they knew that the lord speaks through his spirit and that they could know the truth of what we said through the spirit and prayer. It was a different experience for me but so great. Defiantly a miracle. 


We got transfer calls today and I found out that I am getting transferred to a new area. My new area is much bigger and the most country you can get in this mission. I am going to be opening this new area. So I am way excited. It will be a fresh start from ground zero. I am getting transferred to the Ellijay branch it is the branch right above where I am serving right now. I have always wanted to get country and I got my wish I guess. It sure will be an new address is:


Elder Trevor Ross

211 Mineral Springs Rd North Unit C

Jasper, GA 30143


I expect many letters. por favor. 


I love you all so much. Thanks for the love and support. 

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