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Tuesday, May 26, 2015



I was out on exchange this last week and here in jasper there are a lot of curvy dirt roads that go anywhere and everywhere and it can be very easy to get lost. This last week we had one of those such experiences. We were driving down this road and the GPS took us somewhere I had never been before and so I was just following it and then out of nowhere we drive out of the trees onto the jasper city airport. We were driving around at the end of the landing strip. Goodness I had no clue whether or not to turn around or just continue following the GPS. So like they say on duck dynasty "if you’re going to do something wrong its best to do it quickly" and so we followed the GPS as fast as we could and it luckily took us away from the airport without getting into a legal issues. Ha-ha


So I feel like every transfer you learn a specific lesson. Sometimes it can be more than one. But since the transfer is coming to end I was trying to think what was a major lesson I learned this last transfer and this last transfer I really focused on my scripture study. Every single moment I had to myself I tried to fill it with reading the scriptures or the conference talks I the ensign. And it has been life changing. And I am wanting to take that into my life so I can always have a good habit of scripture study not only now but forever!


just a little follow up from my goal last week, so I don't know the record of tracting hours but I heard some missionaries have tracted like 32 hours before and I don't think that is ever going to be possible for me here. Ha-ha so I was going to try for my personal best but sadly we didn't make it. We still tracted a bunch but had other things come up that we had to do and ended up running out of time. But holy cow. I truly believe that as the lord saw our willing hearts and as we worked although we may not have achieved that goal we were blessed in SO many different ways. We found 6 new investigators this week. And they are all really solid. To the point where a few of them have called us to confirm and make sure our appointments are still good to go. Also we had this lady in the branch bring her boyfriend to church on Sunday and he loved it so much that he invited us over yesterday to learn more. As we met with him the spirit was so strong and he was so ready and now he is on date and preparing to be baptized. Holy cow it amazes me how the lord can change hearts and work miracles right in front of your eyes. I sure do love the lord.


Great week the lord is real and he lives and is very much a part of this work!

I love yall so dang much!


Elder Trevor Ross