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Monday, October 28, 2013

Elder Dallin H Oaks spoke to us!!!

This week has really been one to remember! This last week we were tracting and we came across this older guy named Eugene. We talked to him and he really had the strongest desire to do all he can to grow closer to God. We told him we could help him do this. So we set up and appointment to come back. When we came back on Sunday a lot of things had happened where it was almost like we were being prevented in every way not to go and see this guy. After finally climbing through all the trials we were able to get to his house. And when we got there it was the perfect time. He had just gotten home and if we would’ve come earlier then we would not have been able to meet with him. But the Lord new and he made it possible for us to see him. So we taught him the restoration and he ate it up he knew it was true. He said that he had felt lost and that this was helping him find those things that he did not know. It was so great to see the light in his eyes. We are going back on Sunday and I cannot wait.

I really enjoyed this last we were to be able to hear from an apostle of god. It really was one of the most amazing experiences ever. The feelings that you could instantly feel once he walked in the room were the best. As we were able to shake his hand and see him you could just feel the greatness about him. He really is called and ordained of God. It was so great. And I could not help but smile I loved it so very much. Dallin H Oaks spoke to us and I got to shake his hand and not bragging or anything but he said my name!!!!! I was like a teenage girl at a Justin briber concert. Ha-ha just kidding but I was very excited about it. It was really cool he got up with nothing prepared at all and he said that he is just going to say whatever comes into his mind and whatever the spirit prompted him to say. It was great. He was joking around having a great time making us all laugh but also he was serious in what he had to say as well. It was great

This last week we went to a burger joint to eat lunch and while we were in there we chained our bikes up to a tree and when we came out someone had come by and kicked my bike tire in messing up a bunch of spokes and bending a lot of them and disconnecting a few. I was pretty upset. Luckily one of the ward members heard about it and is helping fix it for me so I don’t have to worry too much. But it sucked that it happened at all. It has been really really cold lately and so I have been trying to find sweaters to wear from the good will. Because it’s too cold not have any. I didn’t know it got this cold. And people keep saying it’s just going to get colder. Yay. Maybe it would be worth the cold if there was going to be snow with it but that will most likely not happen which saddens me.

We had a huge Halloween party this last week as well for the ward. It was hilarious to see all the costumes and they had a chili cook off I about died. I tasted some chili and I swear they put acid in it or something because it was so spicy my lips burnt for two days it felt like. But it was so good.

Thank you so much or all you do I love you! God bless!


Love Trevor

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