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Monday, December 23, 2013

This week has been really slow we have been doing great though. I am loving this ward more and more each week. This area has so much potential. We were out tracting this week and came a crossed this guy named ed. he is such a nice guy. At first we were nervous because he is a big burley guy and very intimidating but once we started talking to him we quickly realized that he was a teddy bear. He talked to us for a long time about guns and many things and then he said that he hadn't been to church and would love for us to come and maybe help him find one or strengthen that faith he has already. It was great. We plan on going back.
Also one night we were out walking the streets talking to people walking and this guy from the Atlanta police department stopped and picked us up and gave us a ride home. He was so worried about us. he kept telling us areas that we should never go to because they are so bad I guess and we were very grateful that he saved our legs and feet and helped us get home a lot faster than we would've. When he dropped us off we didn't even have to say anything he just gave us his name and number and address and asked us to come stop by. He willingly wanted us to come. It’s great to see how those people are being prepared and as we are diligent they are just put in our paths or we are put in theirs. There are those looking for truths that they can’t find and we are the jackpot with all they are looking for.
A couple weeks ago we got a referral from his name is Judd. He is so awesome and has an amazing story he has only 12% of his heart left and the doctors said he should've died years ago but he keeps on going. He took that as a sign that the lord is keeping him around for something. He went on to tell us that he has wanted to find ways to strengthen his faith and to live a little better. He knows that he has not lived the best in the past but he also knows that through Jesus Christ he can be forgiven of those past things and be saved. We were very excited to meet him. We were only able to talk to him for a little bit but while we were there before we left we bore our testimonies then we left him Alma 32 to read before we come back the next time. I cannot wait to see what he thinks of it he seemed really excited about reading it.

this last week elder Hansen came on exchange over to sandy plains with me for a day and while he was here we went and were trying to find some people to talk to but we were having no luck it was around 8 at night and no one wanted to hear us. so we were walking around and found some seniors in high school playing basketball and so we stopped and got talking with them and ended up playing a couple games against them (we totally owned them and showed them how to really play ball) anyway after we were done they were really cool with us and we were able to have a discussion with them and got talking with them about prophets and how god has once again called a prophet to the earth. one of the kids were really interested and we are going over there tonight to teach him more the others they were really nice but not to interested yet but if anything we planted that seed that they will never forget.

Thank you so much for all do. I love yall I hope you a have a very merry Christmas.

Love Trevor! Elder Ross

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