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Monday, December 16, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Things are going so fetching great! We still don’t have any investigators but they will come very very soon if know it! We have been knocking a lot of doors and just waiting to knock on that one door whose life well change FOREVER! ha-ha we had zone meeting this last week my first one in this new zone and holy crap it is a huge zone compared to my last one there are so many missionaries in it. Which in turn made the meeting a whole lot funnier as well.

The ward is wonderful. If am getting to know a lot of the ward so it’s a lot better now. Now if am not just some guy who knows no one. The ward is pretty great there are a lot of interesting people in the ward. Still am getting to know a lot of them though.

To start off probably the highlight of my week has defiantly been in my studies. if was rely wanting a change of something in the way it was feeling about everything so if really focused on studying the Christ like attribute section of preach my gospel if figured Jesus Christ was way happy in everything he did so if studied and acquired some of his traits then if would too become happy in most of what if do. Seemed like a good theory to me. And boy has it helped me. That section really is so amazing. If have truly felt the lords hand more so in my life. If have felt his love and his presence about me. He has lifted me spirit and just made me feel absolutely wonderful almost all the time. if know its because of those attributes they truly are life changing and will help anyone more than they can even imagine if they strive become more Christ like.

So if found out that the high school in my area is where remember the titans was filmed. If was stars truck. That’s like a national monument or something because that is one of the greatest movies of all time. Ha-ha

If also had the wonderful experience of getting my hair cut at a legit old school barber shop this morning. It sure was an experience. There were old guys in there just talking about random things and making jokes it was cool. If was laughing the entire time. they are so funny and if felt like was in a movie like on the movie “RADIO” when they all meet at the barber shop after the football games that is what it reminds me of.

If love you all thank you for all you do. Be safe and happy holidays. This is the most wonderful time of the year. If am still waiting and hoping for the snow hear and maybe just maybe it will come one of these days.

Love Elder Ross



PS.   Wish if could get my camera to work with this computer so if could send some awesome pictures for all but if am not smart enough


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