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Monday, December 2, 2013

Elder Ross is the "BOSS"

This week has been fantastic. Elder winter as you can already tell is awesome. I love him. He is so fun and way hard working. We really have fun and it’s just awesome to be with him. I was really nervous for thanksgiving because of being transferred and not knowing anyone. But it really turned out to be pretty nice. This ward is way friendly and really made me feel somewhat happy so I wasn't just all alone. The sandy plains area and ward is a whole lot different from the Hamilton Mill ward. It’s a nice change. But I sure miss the Hamilton Mills ward so bad!
This week we have been really trying to visit ward members and get to know them. Helping them gain that trust in us. It’s wonderful getting to know the ward. We had the opportunity to go and see a referral we had received from the Spanish Elders in the area. His name is Randy and he’s simply awesome to say the least. We went and talked with him and he was so prepared to hear the message of the restoration. As we taught the restoration he had a smile on his face the entire time. And he loved the message. After we were done sharing the first vision he was like WOW that's cool. He was very happy to know that Jesus visited the Americas as well. He agreed to read and pray about the book of Mormon and he also agreed that if he came to know that the book of Mormon was true and he gained a testimony himself then he would be baptized.
We were invited to come into high priests on Sunday and kind of lead a discussion or discus what they could do to help us out and where the ward and missionaries can begin to work together more. It was really awesome because as we started to discuss some of the things that worry them.  We were able to overcome and help with those and also they were really excited to start doing more team ups with us and actually going out and visiting people with us. So we are gaining more support from the ward which is always a good thing.
I am very excited about being here. This area has so much potential. And I have already learned so much from Elder Winter. It’s great. The days fly by when you’re having fun and the days are flying by right now. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead and I defiantly look forward to it.

So president wolfert has asked all the missionaries to give our actual address to our apartments to everyone for the month of December because with the holidays things get pretty stacked in the mission home so they don't send them out until we meet at the Christmas party or if we go there for another reason. So my address is: Elder Trevor Ross

                                                            1955 Bells Ferry Rd apt#338

                                                            Marietta, GA 30066

So send everything to this one and then I will get it if not then I won’t get it until January. I would really love some mail before then though... hint hint I love mail and things have been pretty dry lately... haha

I love you all hope to hear from you. I pray for you all and love you so much. Thank you for all the love and support!


Love Trevor Elder Ross