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Monday, February 10, 2014

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Therefore it came to pass that elder winter and elder Ross did wax strong in the work of the lord. Yeah they did persist to do all they could for the souls of their brethren. For it did bring our souls to such great pain to even think of them to perish in unbelief. 

And lo as elder winter and elder Ross did abound in great works of god they did receive a referral from And it came to pass that this guy’s name was Caleb and the brother of Caleb was known as garfeny. They were men of sound understanding and thirsteth for truth in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And they did search for that cup in which would quench their thirst. Thus they were led to seek out representatives of the lord and savior Jesus Christ. As we were called to give those that drink and provide the means by which their thirst would end, we did thus ride our bikes and go to their place of slumber. As we did come upon their home they did welcome us in. thus we did converse and agree on doctrine. How great was our joy as they began to vocally explain that they believed in a restoration. Before we had even thus spoken our words of glad tidings. And again how great was our joy when they asketh about the priesthood and authority of god. And thus we can see that these men had been prepared of god and among those elect people that are chosen to receive the gospel at this time. At this moment in time the spirit did swell in our hearts and lo it did pierce the very depths of our soul and did cause our energy to be drained. But ye our excitement did overpower and drive us to be diligent in searching for more souls thirsting for the gospel. 

And thus the prophecies of the weather for the future days did foretell a great and marvelous snow storm. And lo it has put fear into all that have heard of its presence. And so it came to pass that our dear president wolfert has commanded all the servants of the lord to be very careful and we are only allowed to serve to lord on our feet. Thus no cars or bike will be used until three nights after tonight. 

and I Elder Ross do write this scriptural account of my dealings with the people of the Georgia Atlanta north mission for my family and friends that they may learn that I  do greatly send my love to all my family and friends and loved ones. And lo I pray for thee and do greatly love my lord. And do seek for many ways throughout the day to serve him in all my doings. And for this I write that all who may read may find ways to share and serve everyone they come amongst. That they may find ways to show that love that our savior Jesus Christ has shown for each one of us. 

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