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Monday, February 17, 2014

Well not too much exciting happen this last week. There was a huge ice storm that came through and it shut the state completely down. There was about 2 inches of ice everywhere if I wanted I probably could’ve put ice skates on and skate anywhere because the ice covered everything.

well it kind of sucked because president told us not to go outside because it was "dangerous" it really was but everyone was so scared that no one left their homes so after we hit that point we got cabin fever pretty bad and couldn’t handle it much longer so we went and knocked a few doors since we knew that everyone was stuck in their houses so we used it to our advantage. While we were trapped in our apartment luckily because elder winter plays the guitar a member had let us borrow a guitar so we sat inside and wrote songs all week and pretty much we are going big. We might have to have a world tour or something because we’re going to make an album and its going worldwide.


While being bunkered down in our apartment all week the assistance called me and informed me that the lord has called me to train a new missionary. Yeah wasn’t expecting that at all. Kind of nervous for it. Yet I am so dang excited. I get to meet my new son on Wednesday. At first I was thinking that how could I do this and I am one that shouldn’t be doing this. But then president wolfert read I this quote and it said "whom the lord calls the lord qualifies" and it is so true that the lord does qualify everyone he calls. no matter what calling or whatever he has asked of us as we diligently follow him and do all we can to listen and obey him then he will be there for us to lift us up in times of need and make us strong enough to make it through situations we never thought we could handle. He truly is thee for each of us. He loves us. He loves you. He wants to see us succeed and wants to see us grow. He doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle but realistically if we have him on our side then we can handle anything. So grateful.


I am sad that elder winter will be leaving me now. I have had so much fun with him and I really am going to miss him.


Overall it has been a very different week. It has felt so weird. It’s all a crazy blur. But I am excited for this next upcoming week there are a lot of changes happening around me with so many missionaries being changed.


We’ve had some pretty awesome Pday nerf wars


I love you all. Be safe. And stay awesome.


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