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Monday, February 3, 2014

Holy cow this week was awesome. I felt like I was home. It snowed a whole whopping two inches. And you would've thought the world ended. It turned almost straight to ice and there were cars everywhere. No one knows how to drive in the snow and then add some ice and it was so dangerous to even be on the sidewalk. Traffic was completely stopped for almost 24 hours. People ended up getting sick of waiting around and some even ran out of gas or the battery died. So people were just leaving their cars parked on the side of the road or even in the middle of the road and just walking away. It was like the walking dead. Abandoned cars everywhere. And car accidents everywhere. We walked around and just helped push people up hills and help them to get unstuck.  It was quite and adventure.

It was nice because like the day after the storm everyone was too scared to leave their homes so we knew they would be there so we used the opportunity to do some good tracting. Everyone was home and we had they all trapped.

I got to get my good fix of snow therapy that I have been wanting for a while now. So that was nice. A good snowball fight and some legit sledding is always fun!!

A couple weeks ago we traced into this guy named Steve he was so nice to us and seemed really interested. And then this last week we went back to see him again and as we talked to him we came to find out that he truly was being prepared to hear our message. There is a single mother in the ward that lives down the street from him and he knows her and the ward actually had the cub scouts pinewood derby last week. And we had a heard about this guy that came to it and was asking questions and was really interested. Well come to find out Steve helped the son of this lady with his pinewood derby car and he was the guy that everyone was telling us about. I guess he came to see how the car was going to do. And being at the church sparked his interest even more. It was really awesome to see the many different ways the lord is working his magic.

Well I heard that the super bowl was a blow out. I was not expecting to hear that.  

Man I love all so much. Be safe. Have a blessed week.

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