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Thursday, January 2, 2014

It has been a memorable week. My first Christmas out and I was able to talk with my family which was so nice. Although the time seemed to fly by as if it were only a couple minutes. I did really enjoy it. I hope your Christmas was great.

we started out our day with going to a members house where we were fed a huge Christmas breakfast. it was very nice. then we went from house to house visiting some of the less active members in the ward that we have been working with. we got to see the Surkans they are a part member family and their daughters are little geniuses they speak fluently German French and English and are learning Russian right now. we were able to go over and share a German book of Mormon stories book with them which they loved and also left them some CTR rings as a constant reminder that they can always look at to help them choose the right. Also the Cogbills we showed up right on time they were beginning to put the trampoline up and we wee able to help them its a good thing to because after about 15 minutes the kids had had enough and they left the dad to do it himself so luckily we were able to come together and help them finish it.

Last week sometime we were walking around late at night trying to find something to do after all our plans had fallen through we were real tired and stopped to get a drink and while we were waiting to get our drink the guy behind us started talking to us and offered to give us a ride home. we accepted it because our legs and feet were pretty sore and tired. but he was way nice and we talked to him a little about what we do and our message of Jesus Christ. but it didn't seem like he or his wife were to interested. but he gave us his information his number and address and everything, and he said to call him sometime and we could come by. even then we didn't think that he was too interested. but then this week the day after Christmas again all of our plans and back up plans had fell through so we decided to give him a call. when we called him he said to come over right now. so we hurried on over. when we showed up he started telling us that he himself was not right with god and that he was willing to have an open mind and heart to what we had to say. he had a couple conditions that we had to respect him and if he found out we were lying he would be done listening to us and also if the book of Mormon didn't line up with the bible then he didn't want us to continue. we agreed to all of those things because we already do all those things anyway. as we talked with him we were trrying to find a better time to come back for our next visit. he was looking over his calendar and he was contemplating a time and then he said... OK..... ill come to church with y'all on Sunday. it was a shock we didn't even have to invite him and he was already willing to come. he even said he would pick us up. we were way excited but Sunday morning he got really sick so he called us and told us and went out of his way to make sure we knew that he was not bailing and that he was actually sick. then he said to call him on Tuesday and we can come over. but he is so awesome. it really showed me that there are literally people everywhere waiting for us to come find them. or in this caase they find us. but just because I don't think they are good people to talk to it doesn't matter because the lord knows who they are and the lord is preparing people everyday for us to come in contact with.

we had set up with the young men's president in the ward to go out on splits this week with the youn g men since they were off school. so on Thursday and Friday this week we went out with the young men. it was a really fun time to be able to take them out. we had set up for them to be able to go and teach or help teach an investigator a less active member and then we had scheduled a lunch with a member in which we would teach a lesson to and also we would take them tracting. it was so much fun. plus the young men must bee good luck because some of the less active members we couldn't get a hold of we were able to get in with every single one of them. and while we were tracting the people were so much nicer to us and we actually got to talk with and find a bunch of people that could definately be potential investigators. it was funny because the young men had a blast but also they were like dang this is hard work and they realized how hard it is but also they saw how rewarding it is too. I really know that we helped get them excited to serve their own missions for the lord.

I hope yall had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have a happy new year. I love yall!!
Just me chowing down on a whole mess of crawfish!!! way good!!
Elder Winter all done up in his camo ready to hunt something!

Love T Ross!
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