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Monday, January 6, 2014

broken bike again???

Hey Y'all! How is everyone doing? This next week is transfers and so everyone is being switched around. Elder winter and I are staying together here in sandy plains. So nothing to new for us. Just keep on trucking.

I am excited to hear how every ones New Year’s was. We were able to go out and have a legit full on authentic Greek dinner with one of the members here. The fletchers they are way nice their son served his mission in Boise so elder winter and him had a lot to talk about. We even got to watch an interesting firework show. his friend came over and had over 1000 bottle rockets and was lighting them off in every direction we had a couple close encounters but luckily we all made it out alive.

We have been doing a lot more teaching which is really good because I realized how much I can improve on my teaching. Elder winter is a really good teacher and I am learning so much. It’s so nice that we are having more and more opportunities to teach I really enjoy it. Now it’s good because I and elder winter are becoming closer and closer and we are teaching together more and more and our words flow together. It’s a lot easier and so much better now that we teach in unison.

This week has been so dang cold. I swear it gets colder and colder every single day. It even snowed this morning. Barley at all. It was a little flurry that didn't even leave anything on the ground none the less it snowed today! So flipping sweet to see the snow it almost makes the cold worth it.

So I have never had problems with my bike until I came out here and now it seems like everything goes wrong. We were riding our bikes and it was raining that day and we were coming upon this big puddle so I pulled up my front tire off the ground to get my front tire over the puddle and when my tire came down I guess all the weight or pressure forced my handle bar and it snapped in half. I have never seen anything like. I wasn't happy I drove around the rest of the day one handed until we got back to the apartment and one of the missionaries before us had left a bike so I just took the handle bar off that old bike. Honestly it made me laugh. You can’t get too mad or else the day is ruined I have found that when you laugh at everything it makes it so much better.

Well we were able to meet Jose this week the guy that found us... we were able to teach him the restoration and we taught it and he got a bit confused about some things but he is way open and isn't afraid to ask questions luckily. So we were able to resolve all his questions and he loved everything we had to say and the spirit really touched his heart. He told us he could really feel something talking to his heart. He was like wow I feel weird! And he couldn't explain what he felt but he just said that he loved the feeling and it was so good!
Our teaching pool has been growing every day. We are finding a lot of people to teach and are able to do a lot of teaching. We are loving it and the time is so great. It feels like time is just flying by like someone pressed the fast forward button on my life. It’s crazy! I love you all so much! Be safe. Stay classy!! ha-ha always remember who’s your daddy?

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