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Monday, January 27, 2014


What a glorious week.


This week was very different one. But that's alright because it is good to get a change of things every once in a while. There was this guy in our ward well his wife is a member but he was not. We loved going over and visiting with both of them and they both became some of our favorite people to see. Last week they got in a pretty bad car accident though and he ended up passing away. So we were able to go to his funeral. It was a sad time but so remarkable too. We came to realize after minutes of being there that we only thought we had known this man but really we didn't know who he really was. He was such a humble guy and didn't tell us about all he had done in his life.


Turns out that he was a free mason just like joseph smith was and he was a very high degree of a free mason as well. He also was in this group called the ELKS. Which I am not exactly sure what it is but I know they do a lot of service for others and he had many many awards in that organization and they did a ceremony there for him as well. Also he was a veteran and was part of the American legion and they did a good ceremony there as well. It was so cool to see all he had done in his life and just hear everyone talk about him. I’m lucky to have known this man. What was way cool? was after the service when we travelled to the grave site and we are all driving in a line of cars we had a police escort the entire way there and as we drove traffic stopped completely and people would pull off to the side of the road no matter what direction they were going no matter if there was a median no matter what everyone stopped and paid their respects some would even get out and salute as everyone drove by. It really was so cool to be able to see everyone truly show their love for the family and the service rendered by this man.


we spent one of the days this week in the doctor’s office because elder winter had something wrong with his eye the doctor thought that it was pretty serious but luckily it turned out not to be too bad at all. We kept telling the doctor that he just made me mad and in punched him. We would all have a laugh about it. Luckily it’s not true ...yet, ha-ha joke


So we were out tracting this week and as we do sometimes we had gotten bored so we were trying to find ways to spice things up a bit and make it a little interesting. so I don't know why but I started talking to elder winter in an Australian accent after a little bit elder winter dared me to talk with an Australian accent at the next door we came too. so I finally got the courage to do it. I started out good but then to my surprise the guy I was talking to is actually from Australia and he has a real actual Australian accent. I shut my mouth right then and couldn't get myself to say another word. What are the chances that the one time I did it there would be an actual Australian? luckily I don't think he noticed I was doing it. But I learned my lesson and am way too scared to ever do it again. But it was so hilarious we were freaking out about it.


So we had stake conference this last week as well. It was a different one though. The stake conference was actually a broadcast it was being broadcasted form Orlando Florida all throughout Florida Georgia and parts of South Carolina. Elder Russell M, Neilson spoke as well. It is always cool to hear an apostle of Jesus Christ speak to us. It really is a privilege.


It is always awesome to have an investigator come to church. And yesterday we had one of our investigators come to church. His name is Judd. He is so cool. Most humble guy ever and will literally do anything for you. He has been through so much from drugs and jail so being shot at and living to tell the tail. He has realized he may have not lived how god wanted him to but he’s done and wants to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ he is doing all he can to became better. I was so happy to have him come. Usually I would be nervous for an investigator to come to church I guess that is just natural though. But there is not much to be scared of when it is an apostle of god speaking. It’s pretty easy to know that they will say the right things. Anyway he absolutely loved it and can’t wait to come back. People really welcomed him as well which was so nice. He felt loved and that is so important to have them feel loved if they feel loved then they will love to come back.


It was cool at the stake conference they talked about all the technology and the media today. And one of the speakers said that social media and all the technology today is not for what we think it. He went on to say that the lord brought all the technology and the social media out in this day and this age because it is for the use of bringing souls unto Christ. It is part of hastening the work and he is using all his options and social media and technology are great resources to help bring souls unto Christ. They are just tools in the lord’s hands.


I love you all this is a great time to be alive. I am so grateful to be a missionary. Stay classy everyone. I love you all.


The one formerly known as Trevor

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