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Monday, January 27, 2014

Woah!! this week has been CCRRRAAAZZZY!! well not to bad just a very hard working week. It feels so good though. we went about the week and on Tuesday and Wednesday we tracted for like 6 hours each day. man that is one way to make your days seem twice as long as they really are. but honestly it was hard but we had so much fun. the time went by pretty fast now looking back.

I finally got down to business and burned a tie this week in memory of 6 months theat came and flew by. that was an adventure.

we went out a couple days ago all the way acrossed the area to go and visit some people and we had never been to there house before and we get all the way out there and then go to look at the gps on how to get to their house. and come to find out the gps is dead and we have no clue how to get there. we didn't have a number to call them or anything either. so we decided we would say a prayer and then ride around the streets trying to find it. as we did we came to this fork in the road. we started going right but something told me go left. so I told elder winter and we then went left. after traveling a bit down the road we came upon the road that we were looking for where the house was on. it was a small but great miracle. the lord really did bless us and we were able to make our meeting and get to our planned destination. it was awesome to see the lords hand in guiding us to were we needed to be.

we went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week as well. Elder Astle came here to the sandy plains ward with me. there had been a lot of rumors about him and I was a little nervous about being with him but he is such an awesome guy. so nice and loving and doing all he can to be the best missionary he can be. I really learned a lot. it was cool because he taught me to be more bold in all I say and do. and also do anything we can to help the people we come in contact with just feel the spirit. that is the most important thing. if they can feel the spirit that will lead them to want more and in turn seek for it and that is what we want. we have started doing all we can to make this possible it is cool because at every door contact we do even if they reject us we offer to say a prayer with them and almost every time they say yes and are way open to say a prayer it is a great way to bring the spirit in and allow them to feel it and to show that we love these people even if we just met them because we pray for them by name and their families specifically. it really has been such a great experience doing this. I have been able to feel the spirit more and also see the spirit touch the lives of those we come in contact with. we always leave with a good feeling and never a bad one when we do this.

I had to speak in sacrament yesterday and I thought that I was going to be nervous but honestly I wasn't even nervous at all it surprised me. I guess I am getting over my fear. but it really was a good experience and I am glad I got to do it. I actually enjoyed . i never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth. i enjoyed giving a talk it was a great learning experience.

i love yall so much. thank you for the emails letters prayers and all you do. it really does mean so much!!

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