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Monday, May 11, 2015

Always a great week! I love yall so much.


I got the privilege of speaking in sacrament meeting this last week. I think it’s interesting that I have had to speak twice on my mission and both times I have had to speak my topic has been repentance..... Is god speaking to me ... ha-ha?

It went really well though. I felt so good about it.

We had a zone conference this week as well. It was a great one too. We have been focusing on simplifying our teaching and intensifying our teaching as well. It was great to get ideas to learn to do just that.  By sharing a simple principle that we want to share then share a personal story which bring the spirit in so dang fast and then back it up with a scripture and then end with a testimony. And it is so simple but so powerful. It was cool to learn this and then as I was reading some conference talks I realized that most of the prophets fallow this format with all their talks. It was pretty sweet. I like it a lot.


We had this sweet miracle we mapped out all the former people that have ever been taught by the missionaries and we decided that we were going to go and see how they were doing and if they were interested at all yet. We decided that if they don't answer we would knock 3 to 5 doors around their house. And so we went to see the first one on our list and they didn't answer and so we knocked a few doors around their house. The second door that we knocked on was this nice lady named ann. she was so sweet to us. We were able to share the book of Mormon with her she had been struggling trying to find peace and happiness at her house due to some circumstances she has really been through so much. We shared the book of Mormon and gave our own witness of the peace and happiness that it has given us as we read it and she was so happy to take one.

We went back a few days later and she had read it and had felt the peace. She noticed the difference. The lord does keep his promises and he does provide happiness for all his children. He wants us all to be happy. I know that is true. The lord does love us and want the best for us.

 "It will always be sweet happiness in the end, and if it’s not then it’s not the end."


I love yall so much.

Love Elder Ross

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