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Monday, May 4, 2015

This last week we tried this cool tracting method that elder Aubrey and I used to do every night. where we pray as a companionship and then say individual prayers and then we come together and one person will look at the map and name off 15 street names that stand out to them and the other person writes them down on a piece of paper. then from that list of 15 street names each of us make a list of 5 of those names that stand out to each of us and then we compare our lists and go and tract the ones that are the same. And in a sense it’s like getting a referral from god if you follow all the spiritual promptings you receive. So we did it and there was only on street name that was the same so we went and knocked on that street and two doors in we met this girl named Amy and she was so ready. We ended up teaching her the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it. She loved the thought of the book of Mormon being another testament of Jesus Christ she took one and agreed to read and pray. We are going back this week. The cool part though was while we were talking to her I got this insane confirmation that she was the reason we were supposed to tract that road. She was why were there. It was so cool to me. It was a clear and straightforward confirmation that I don't think I have felt before. It was extremely cool.


We are teaching this family now as well. The parents are members but the kids are not so this last week we went over and began teaching them. And it was a total blast. There are 5 kids there and they are all just full of energy. There are two twins that just turned 8 years old who love Teenage mutant ninja turtles and they love to reenact the fights from the movies while we are there. They do it just to show off. But it is so entertaining. We had a way powerful lesson with them on prayer and the kids were so nervous to pray because they said they didn't know how to. So we taught them that and one of the 8 year old twins said a prayer at the end of the lesson and it was so great. Really sincere and heartfelt. And he was so happy with himself.


We have to go down to Roswell for a meeting today and we are going to go to costa Vida!!! The only one in Georgia. Oh my goodness I am so excited. My mouth has been watering since I got up this morning. Ha-ha


I love yall so much.

Love Elder Trevor Ross

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