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Monday, May 18, 2015

 From the land of far far away,


It’s been a great week. Not even going to lie it’s been a trial of faith. But last night as I was thinking about the week I was able to see how the lord provided miracles and really strengthened us, as he always does. we don't have to many people we are working with and so it’s been a lot of tracting, just trying to find anyone to teach but this last week after a long day of tracting we finally talked to this family who was actually willing to talk to talk to us. It was right before we stopped knocking doors too a BAM! There they are. We first talked to the husband and then his wife came out and we found out that they have 3 kids. They were so open and don't have a church but have felt pretty lost in the "religious world". so we taught them each that they were sons and daughters of god and he loves them so much and how because he loves us he has brought truth and restored truths about gods plan for each of us through a prophet of god. We were able to each them a brief introduction to the restoration and they ate it up to say the least. Ha-ha were going back to teach them tomorrow and I am so stoked.


My companion and I decided that this week we were going to set a record for the mission. Well at least try to. We are going to try and set the record for the most hours tracted in one week. I am a little scared to do it because I know that I am going to get sick of it real quick. But hey I think we could see some cool things come from it too. So I am telling someone so then I will be more accountable to do it. Ha-ha so hold me to my word.


This week we are having a huge meeting about getting iPad in this mission elder zwick of the seventy is coming to give us all training on it and then we are getting them on June 2nd. Too bad I won’t get one since I am pretty much a dead missionary, but it will be cool to get some training from a general authority and see how they are going to be used to hasten the work of salvation.


I love yall so dang much! Be safe and have a great week!


Love Elder Ross

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