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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Arrived in Georgia

Thank you yes I did get the greeny package it was great. Ha-ha my man is growing up going to be serving the sacrament here in less than a year what a boss. Your babies are all growing up its amazing. I was reading the book of Mormon and was reading about the stripling warriors and one of my favorite parts is when it says they did not fear for their mothers had taught them that if they had faith that they would be delivered and it mentions that they were taught well by their mothers and that goes the same for us ross chillins we do have a pretty fantastic mother who had taught us very well and we would be lost without her. I love you mom. yeah my companion is cool sometimes I feel like we could be doing so much more than we are but he is way cool just sometimes doesn’t want to work all that hard. But I am here to hopefully change that. I actually went on exchange this week and was able to work with another missionary and I learned so much in that one day that it helped me see what we are supposed to be doing. But don’t get me wrong we are doing work. it’s hard were I am because we are right by the mall of Georgia so were in the middle of the city far away from any houses. And then when we get out to the houses like 90% of the neighborhoods are no soliciting so we aren’t allowed to really go in there which really sucks. And like you said rich people are less likely to accept the things we have to say and that’s most of the people who live in this area. So I mean it does get hard some days but we just keep on trucking and do all that we can do. I love Georgia so much but I miss the mountains so much. And the grid system. The roads here are all windy and curvy there is no system with them I get lost every single day lucky my companion has a GPS or wed never know where we were. Even people that have lived here their entire lives have GPS mainly because they get lost on a daily basis it’s so crazy. And usually I am used to looking and seeing other roads but the trees are so thick that you can’t see through them whatsoever. It’s amazing though I love it. I get to see light bugs. I always thought that they lite up and stayed lite up but they just flash light for a second then it’s gone. But they are super cool to see and watch. There is a letter coming in the mail. So look for it. Sorry if my hand writing is horrible I am trying to work on it especially when I write to you guys.  That is great for the cheer team though I’m glad things are going good in that area hopefully the drama is not too much of problem but it is a cheer team so it’s probably inevitable. hah joke Sundays are my favorite I love going to church especially now that people are actually starting to know me and I am not just a stranger. But it is great. Thank you for all you do for me I love you so much.


 Love your forever baby boy elder Ross

 My Companion :         Elder Barrett                 From Rigby Idaho


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