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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Thank you so much for all the love and support!!

 This week has been amazing! I was able to go to Lilburn to the mission home and go to a follow up meeting with all the new missionaries that came out with me. it was nice because I got to see all my friends from the MTC and I have really missed companion has really been a struggle for me but this week has been the turning point we got to work through some things and now we are doing so much better. We actually talk laugh and enjoy each other. It is so great. We were able to get so much more done this week and we even found this hidden neighborhood. We call it Narnia. It is within walking distance of our apartments and we had no clue it even existed. We felt a prompting to take this trail behind our apartment and it led us straight to this neighborhood it was way exciting. We traced a little bit of it so far and in the little we did tract we got a new investigator and we are scheduled to come back this week... i will let you know how it goes and I am so excited. This isn’t a small neighborhood either so it will keep us busy for a while.

 The ward members have somehow found out about my deathly fear of snakes and they think it funny to take pictures of monstrous snakes they find in their backyards and give them to me. It is horrible. They think it is hilarious. One of the families their kids actually caught one while I was there and I refused to leave the house until they had hid it deep in the forest. It has been so nice weather here this week so rainy and cloudy which usually isn’t good weather but the humidity has been gone and it has been pretty cooler so I love it reminds me of home and it is great.

 It seems that everyone from Georgia gets mission calls to Utah and almost all the missionaries out here are from Utah so we are pretty much just swapping kids is what everyone tells me. And back home people talk about going to college here and there and in different places. But here if you go to church you go to BYU no exceptions. Almost every single kid here that has graduated this last year or no matter how long ago has and or is going to BYU it is crazy. They all get accepted too.

We had this meal I got help make it’s called a low country boil. pretty much you have a big pot on a fire and you put water and spices in it and get it boiling then you put potatoes and corn on the cob and carrots and sausage and shrimp and anything else your heart desires once all of them are cooked you strain the water out and then you just dig in and eat all you want with your hands it is so freaking good way easy and a great thing for like a family cook out. They just poured it on a big plate on the table in the backyard and everyone just sits around and talks and eats and has a great time doing it.

We started helping to teach a mission prep class for some of the young men in the ward. On Sundays. It’s weird for me because really the only mission prep class I had was the MTC I didn’t really go to a specific class. But at the same time compared to these boys I was Thomas s monsoon. So we are trying to help them build their testimony and giving them the resources so that they can find it for themselves and learn through the spirit which always the most efficient and the way you learn the absolute most.

this last week, well the last two weeks I guess we have been working on this very less active guy and trying to get him to come back to church wave gone andvisitied him and yesterday he finally came to church. I was so happy that was just as good as a baptism in my book. He said that he really enjoyed it and that he didn’t realize how much he was missing and just by those simple 3 hours he gave he could feel just a new spirit about him and he felt so much more alive and happy. I almost jumped out of my shoes and was close to running around the church in excitement.

I love you so much! Thank you for all you do! Keep the letters and emails coming it really is like Christmas morning when I get a letter. Or email. It’s so great. Hope everyone is doing great. Love you all.

Love Elder Ross

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