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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This week has been so great! We were able to go back to Lilburn for a zone conference. My first zone conference. There wasn’t anyone from my MTC district there but I got to meet so many new people it was great. Also there was so much said there that really helped us work this week. I learned so much from that zone conference it was so great. Truly inspired by the lord of what was said.
So we were tracing a lot this last weekend and we actually got a lot of success from doing it. We first came across this guy with a family. He was nice as usual. And we asked if we could share a message of Jesus Christ with him he was very excited and asked if we could come back another day because he had family coming over. So we gladly made an appointment to meet with him and his family again and we will be seeing them this week to teach them and answer their questions.

Then we were in a different neighborhood and we came across a Spanish family luckily they spoke some English and they asked us to come back as well. So we gladly set up a time to come back. So yesterday we walked for hours up hills to get to this families house after church and we got all the way there and he had company and asked us to come back next week.... I was heartbroken after walking all that way. I tried to have a good attitude and the lord showed me that I was supposed to be there at that exact time. As we began walking out of this neighborhood we came a crossed a guy changing his brakes. We started talking to him asking if he needed any help and what not. And then he started asking us about our church he had seen our building and was wondering what it was all about, he had been wanting to come to church and check it out. I and my companion were like WOAH! Umm yes you are always welcome to come. We gave him the time and he gave us his contact information. we invited  him to church this next week and said he could go with us so that he would know someone and so this next week we are going to call him on Saturday and give him a friendly reminder and we hope and pray to see him at church. That would be so great.
Also this week we were out knocking doors and we came a crossed this guy who happens to be a Baptist preacher....he talked to us for over an hour right there on his door step he gave us pamphlets form his church he gave us books he wrote for his church he was quoting scripters at us telling us how his church was true and ours was wrong. It was funny though because he would quote a scripture and totally take the meaning of it out of context so then after he did this for a while he would quote scriptures and he ended up proving himself wrong because all his references began to go against each other in the way he was saying them.

I am so glad was raised in the church and I know the truth. I am so grateful that we have the fullness of the gospel not just a little of it but we have the entirety of it. I can’t imagine my life without it. It has given me so much and continues to give me everything each day. While talking to this preacher he refused to take a book of Mormon. And it got me thinking we were willing to take and read every pamphlet he gave us. I was willing to do that because I have already found the true church and absolutely nothing could shake my testimony of it not even a pamphlet or book of another church once you know the things I know nothing could even come close to shaking this testimony, and then I thought of him how he wouldn’t even take a book of Mormon and that goes to show how powerful the book of Mormon can be and how true the church is that he must have known or been scared that if he read it maybe he would like what he read or get that feeling the it is true and he had been wrong all along. That he would get that confirmation that the book of Mormon is the word of god. Which it is. It is so great. Just my little thought for the week. But read the book of Mormon if you already have read it again. Pray about it pray to know if it is true again even if you already have then you can feel that wonderful feeling of the truthfulness of it once again or for the first time. It is such a great feeling, that you will always strive to feel every day.

Thank you for all the love and support I get from you! I love you! I am doing so great and am loving every minute. Hope everything is going great I love you!

Love Elder Ross


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