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Monday, May 5, 2014

We would work so hard and plan out each day this last week. We would take a lot of time each night to plan so we knew exactly what we would be doing for the next day. We did this every night. And then we would get up each morning ready to put out plans into action and then we would get a phone call or a text and it would be someone calling us for help with something or another and it would totally ruin our plans. So needless to say I and elder Bartholomew had a good experience this week with following the spirit and relying on it to guide as to what we should do. We became professional on the spot planners. With all that we did have a great week. 


Our investigator and her whole family came to church yesterday. It was really exciting for us. I was so nervous though. I was terrified something was going to go wrong or someone was going to say something crazy, but everything went well for the most part. We took her into gospel principles after sacrament meeting and that is when we just put it in the lord’s hands because i was terrified the lesson was on the law of chastity we have planned to actually teach that tonight and so we didn’t know how she was going to react to it. And so after we asked her how she liked it and what she thought. She said that she had no problem with it and so really there was nothing to worry about. She really enjoyed herself and her husband who is already a member really liked being able to come back to church and i think he especially enjoyed having a wife and child there with him at church. 


The pollen here is insane. Since all the trees are starting to bloom the pollen has been falling and it literally looks like yellow rain all of the cars have this coat of yellow pollen on them and all the roads as well. I guess they usually classify it as a high pollen count if it gets into the hundreds and the pollen count for this last week was about 4500 each day. Our bike tires have this yellow strip on them the entire time and when we get home at night our pants have this yellow tint to them. Like nothing i have ever seen. But we just h

ad a nice good rainstorm come in today so that should clear al of of it away. 


I found my road to tract this week. It’s literally named after me. Ross rd. i was joking with everyone that answered the door that i owned the road. It was fun but it was a pretty sketchy rd. 


Well i found a steal in the thrift store today. Was just walking around and found me some beautiful purple alligator skinned dress shoes, i couldn’t pass them up. 


I love you all so much thank you for everything. Be safe.

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