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Monday, May 5, 2014

This week has been amazing. Needless to say the highlight would have to be watching general conference. It was really good. There was so much that was taught and i was able to learn so much. i can’t wait and encourage all to follow the words of Thomas s monson the prophet to go back and reread the talks that were given. Study them you will come to know even more so that they are the words of god and that the apostles that gave them are truly inspired of god. 


We have been working so hard and doing so much it is crazy how tired you can get and just keep going on. This last week one day i felt as if i was going to drop of pure exhaustion. I was so tired and all my energy was just gone. It seemed as if everything was falling through and nothing seemed to go our way. You could clearly see that Satan was working against us. As i began to notice this i decided to say a prayer to help me out. And within seconds of saying that prayer and telling my father in heaven what was going on and that we needed some help with this day. i felt as if all the energy in my body came in all at once and i felt as if i could run around the block i was so alive and energized and then and there even though Satan had been working hard to take us down you could see that the lord was working as well to lift us up. I could feel him give us strength and we were able to have really good success that day.


we have been meeting with the Wiggins family and we are teaching shilaunah the mother of the family and this last week on that same day for a matter of fact we were teaching her and as we came to the end of the lesson she gladly accepted the invitation to be baptized. Tears filled her eyes and she said with a big smile yes i would love that. It was way exciting for all of us. her work schedule is very crazy so as for a specific date we don’t know but she is pushing for raps soon as she can and she knows that as she does the lord will bless her and as she pushes for this the lord is going to be on her side since this is a good cause that he has commanded. She is so awesome and has so strong a faith in Jesus Christ. 


I would love to know what all yalls favorite talks were. And why? What were some things you learned and how can we apply it to our lives. It is one thing to learn something but it is another thing to act upon that thing we have learned and apply it to our lives in faith and watch the blessing and miracles come. 


I love you all so very much. As always you are in my prayers. Be safe. 

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