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Monday, May 5, 2014

this week we were tracting and usually we just get in the mode and don’t really expect people to let us in after a while (probably bad to think that way) so we were knocking doors got into the system knock a door get rejected go to the next do the same get rejected go to the next and so on and so on. but then i always get taken by surprise when that one person says yes i want to hear. It’s weird sometimes and you almost don’t know what to do because you are so used to rejection. Ha-ha but it is so nice to have someone finally listen and then truly do their part and study and find out truth for themselves. Happened this week and it was so awesome. Twice in one day! 


This week in church one of the speakers said something that i really liked. She was talking about the book of Mormon and how wonderful it is of course. But she said just imagine if we treated our book of Mormon as we do our cell phones. Would we carry it with us everywhere we go? Would we run inside to get it if we forgot it when we were about to leave somewhere. Would we look through it many times a day? Would we treat it with respect with the fear of breaking it? All good questions because phones are expensive and so precious, but really how precious is the book of Mormon? i really liked that made me think of how i can better respect and treat and use my book of Mormon and can find ways to use it and treat it to really show how much is do love it and how much it does help me. 


So for the past couple weeks we had been planning a ward family home evening. It was a night that members could invite their friends to come to the church for a family night and we could have a good time and an easy non intimidating way to introduce people to us and to the church building. So we finally had it this last week. .. It was so much fun. We had a really good time. We had some families from the ward come and they even invited their friends. None of the friends could come so only members showed up but it was still a success. We had a good lesson on families and service and then we played water balloon volleyball which was a hit and ended up just being the little kids grabbing water balloons and chasing the adults around the lawn with them. But it really got the ward excited to go out and do their own missionary work. And pushed them to share the gospel with their friends and even though no one showed up.. Ha-ha it was still a good experience and the ward loved it. And they are planning more in the future. 


I love you all i am Alive! i am doing great. 


Love Elder Ross


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